What enclosure for HP spare dvd/cd/Bray drive with 'EIDE' interface?



Hello everyone,

I have a spare internal optical drive from a dv9000 HP laptop (HP-spare 462356-001) and I’d like to use it as an external drive in a different laptop.
According to different sites it uses an IDE (some write EIDE) interface but it doesn’t quite look like connectors in google images.

I’d like to know if any external 3.5" ide to usb2.0 enclosure would work well with this and if anyone around here is familiar with this issue and can perhaps make a better suggestion.
Also if doing it this way would invoke any power issues or the usb cable always delivers sufficient power when watching a movie?

Thanks a lot

This is the connector:


That is the standard IDE interface used by all laptop optical drives (which is indeed different than the standard IDE interface used for desktop HDDs/Optical drives).

Buy a proper USB caddy/case/enclosure for it, something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Laptop-USB-to-IDE-CD-DVD-RW-ROM-External-Case-Enclosue-/300584785806?pt=UK_Computing_Drives_Storage_CD_DVD_Drives_ET&hash=item45fc3fd78e.

eBay if full of them and they are dirt cheap, less than £5. Just make sure you get an IDE one not a SATA one, and preferably buy one which comes with a bezel, so if necessary you can change the bezel of your spare drive with one which will fit the enclosure you’re buying, in case the bezel you have will not fit it already.


The pic doesnt look really like Min-IDE which counts for these slim externals…


[QUOTE=chef;2664090]The pic doesnt look really like Min-IDE which counts for these slim externals…[/QUOTE]

I can assure you that DV9000 laptops use exactly the same standard IDE DVD drive as all the other laptops, so the interface/connector is the same standard one used by any slim IDE optical drives…


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