What else do I need



Okay, I’ve been lurking for awhile and I have a few holes in what I think need to get started. Also, let me tell you I’m living in Japan now I don’t really speak/read the language, so my abilty to get what I want while shopping is also limited. (If I have smthg specific, I can show people and that usually works.)

My HD recently got full (the ability to rent CDs can be dangerous), and I want to “back up” my DVDs anyways. So, I’ve downloaded the following. (I run WinXP SP2 on a Dell laptop)

DVD region killer (only 4 changes left)
DVD Decryptor - to get around protected disks and put them onto my HD

What free copy program should I use?
I’d shell out $ for it, but for some reason it’s hard to use my credit cards form here. (I tried to buy/download DVD Fab Platinum, but it kept rejecting all my credit cards saying that the info was entered wrong [it wasn’t, I tried like 4 times]-I know they’re good, maybe because the billing addresses are still in the US and I’m ordering from Japan?? )

I also will be buying a DVD burner this weekend (Probably the NEC 2500 or something, this is Japan). I hear the external case is important; what should I get? Should the store know? Any hints on media? (yes I know, I’ll get over to the NEC Forum)

I don’t know, I feel like there’s something else I should be considering. Where are the holes? Help me (and others) media gods…


To copy from DVD -> DVDR, all you need is DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink. Both are free.

If you are using DL media then you don’t even need DVDShrink.

In terms of burning ability or burning quality, there is no advantage to getting an external drive.


AnyDVD is an excellent program that runs in the background taking care of encryption and region problems try free for 21 days at the Slysoft web site.
It’s well worth the small purchase price.

DVD43 is as stated a similar free program to AnyDVD.

good luck with your burning mikyanto