What DW1650 firmware do you recommend for best burn quality on good 8x media?

Hi all,

I just picked up a Sony DRU-810A-R that I plan to crossflash to DW1650.

I have ample stocks of the following media:

MAXELL 002 8x+R
Sony YUDEN0002 8x+R
Fujifilm TYG02 8x-R

I’m not concerned about overspeeding; 8x burn speeds are plenty fast for me. Best burn quality is what I’m looking for. Also, which of these media would you expect to perform best in this drive?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I expect YUDEN000T02 media to work best with it.
My personal favourite is the latest firmware, BCIC. Works like a charm - you should check out this threat

Some folks also see problems with this release, but never got better results, especially with SB on.

Thanks Pianoman! :bow:

And a correction to my above post, where I wrote Sony YUDEN0002 should have said Sony YUDEN000T02. :o

Still seeking opinions from everyone that has one. :slight_smile:


Same here BCIC

Has anyone tested the Dangerous Bro’s region-free FW version of BCIC?

Also, has anyone successfully flashed the 810A-R from the BenQ 1650 back to the original Sony FW? Is there an option to save the Sony FW prior to flashing?


all I have are DB firmware

Thanks NightTran. :bow: