What DVDs should I buy!?!?

I’ve spent quite a few hours the past two days trying to figure out what DVDs I should buy to use with my NEC 3520A. I have a bunch of FUGIFILM03 media (made in Taiwan), 2 out of 3 burns so far finished burning but then gave CRC errors when trying to access parts of the data. The DVD’s burned at 4.1X until around 55% when it started to dip down as low as .8X. I tried a single Philips DVD-R 8x and it seems to have worked fine, averaging 6X. These Fugi Films work fine on my friend’s Samsung, they burn at 7-8X, but they are crap on this NEC. So I came here to find out which DVDs to buy, but it’s still very confusing.

I would like to simply have media that burns at nearly 8X or faster, and doesn’t give CRC errors… data life isn’t THAT important to me. I’m looking at getting either Verbatim MMC, Taiyo Yuden, or made in Japan Fuji Film.

Made in Japan Fuji Film shouldn’t be hard to spot, as long as the store I’m at carries them (not likely). Just gotta look for Fuji Film logo with “made in Japan” printed on them.

Verbatim DVDs seem popular enough, but does MMC just refer to the manufacturer code? How would I know the manufacturer code by looking at the package? Or in other words, how would I know if I’m getting something that will work good by what is printed on the package? I have seen some postings where some Verbatim work fine, and some are crap. How do I spot the fine from the crap?

Taiyo Yuden seem to be the most popular here, but they also seem to be the most elusive. What kind of labeling do I look for to know I’m getting genuine Taiyo Yudens? I read most of the post on spotting fake Taiyo Yudens, but there are still many questions, like how do I spot the real ones?

I’ll keep reading the forum, but I think if these questions were answered in this single post it would probably help a lot of us noobies out. :o