What Dvds best of Tdk,Sony, Maxell and Panasonic?

Which Dvds is best from theese (see photo below) :

  1. Tdk DVD-R 1-16X (TTH02) (item code : DVd-R47Ed blue with single case)
    Comments: I have most of my recent backups done with this one
    but i heard they are “Legal fakes” not sure how the quality for thesee goes
    but none has failed me as of yet, But Tdk Europe did NOT respond to my email about what Legal fakes mean and if that was ok to buy in shop.
    The suport of TDK in this matter was therefor Nonexistant.
    Should i keep buying this ones?

  2. Sony Dvd+R 1-16X (D21) Blue and white wrapper single case
    Item code: D-06031E (above the barcode it also says DPR120A4)
    with single case
    D21 (1 Class Dvd media but made in Taiwan)

Coments: I got the feeling this is better than tdk but its just the feeling
they did burn well , Should i get Sony instead of tdk?

  1. MAXELL Dvd+R 120min video 1-16X Gold (003)
    Item code: 275521

Coments: OK, i finaly decided to buy this Maxell discs the reason why i didnt before was they was sealed in Packs on the shopping mall
and upon asking i was told they was not sold as singles.
So last time i decided to take a part a pack in the shop when nobody was there :wink: to see if the barcode still would acept them as Single Dvd
upon purchase, atleast atleast worth a try.
I had to take of the Sticker that sealed the pack and take out 2 singles.

Upon purchasing nobody noticed they was from a 5 pack
so I got a pleasent surprise the Barcode was acepted as a single product
and for the same price as TDK dvds.
Now i havent tried them yet But can you please tell me if i should go for the Maxell (Before they disapear) over the sony and Tdk.

Dvd identified them just as media ID (003) not (Maxell 003)
but above it says manufacture (Maxell)
and it has the Made in japan print on the backside and MTV 20 thing.

Should i go for more Maxell of those or Tdk or Sony?
(I cant get the NR.1 Verbatim in shops here they dont sell verbatims)

Oh, yes there is another option “PANASONIC DVD”
cant remember if it was Dvd+R or -R but it was Double as expensive as the Maxell ones and it said DVD video made in Japan on them.
Is the Panasonic made in japans Dvds realy worth getting or is Maxell just as good?

Any help apreciated

Here is a photo of the Tdks, Sony and Maxell i got :

get the panasonics :slight_smile: their worth it imo :slight_smile: , where abouts are you from in this world ? :slight_smile: someone might be able to point u out some cheap media sites for u to get the good stuff from :smiley:

I am in Spain
I usaly buy all Dvds on El corte ingles huge shopping mall (sort of a spanish wallmart)
since i live very close so i dont bother with eshopping in this.

I think the panasonic made in japan looked like this
I know i should not trust even if the package says made in japan
but i got this quality wibes from it.

Cant remember if the panasonic was Dvd+r or dvd-R
looked like this (but color was Red darker and 5 pack):

Information : http://www.panasonic.co.uk/dvd+r%20discs/lm-pr120ne10/index.htm

So should i go for the panasonic if i can aford it ?
after all is important backups.

And if Panasonic are sold out then Maxell ,Tdk or Sony?
I have seen some philips there but i dont like philips much and havent tested the ones they have avaible.

The Maxell and Panasonic ones was placed in a separate place
probaly because they are quality ones for Video or something ?

packaging like that in the spindle or 10 packs also im just trying to find out a decent online supplier that ships to spain :slight_smile:

EDIT: These deliver to spain :slight_smile: have nice dvds stick to verbatim OR the taiyo yuden stuff and u wont lose :slight_smile:

Yea it look darker on your photo but the ones i saw
was 5 packs with Slimcases not spindle (i never ever buy spindles)

You talked about a suplier in spain but i could not see you post a link
anyway i do know a place i can get verbatim but i have to take the bus into the town for that.

if u only need a small amount then go for the panasonics as their taiyo yuden dye and i really like mine nice quality burns that will last

TDK TTH02 burns crap for me and a number of players have problems reading them.

Sony are not too bad. I believe they make decent discs and they work well.

Maxell 003 are meant to be good. I don’t know what to make of DVD identifier stating they just say “003” but maxell made in japan 16x discs are usually good. They have low errors and burn well, professional quality scanning devices agree that these are good discs.

The panasonics are most likely Taiyo Yuden [B]T03[/B]. Marcus has had good experiences with Taiyo Yuden [B]TYG03[/B]. They say T03 is slightly better but I think all TY media is a bit overrated and not worth 2x as much as other good MID like Sony or Maxell. I personally use verbatim because they are cheaper and work better than TY.

Scubadiver - What kind of DVD writer are you using? Can you tell us the model?

IIRC, Panasonic have never used YUDEN000T03 for their +R discs, but used RICOHJPN R03 discs, so the MIJ ones you saw are only DVD-R if IRC :slight_smile:

i think its a LG it new and was recently remplaced by my laptop manufacture when my Teac failed.

seem like most of you agree on the panasonic and Hey i feel good vibes from it too
so i may give it a try next time.
and i can also go search verbatim too.

But from the others whats best Sony or Maxell (i guess i should drop Tdk but i still hope my Tdks would last some months until i do next backup).

AS for Verbatim i found a shop selling double sided DVD
but never used them so dont know how reliable they are.
i always used single sided


Huh? :confused: Care to elaborate?

TTH02 is one of TDK’s own MIDs. So using the word fake is kind of false accusation. Like Verbatim’s MIDs, the discs are manufactured by different companies, in case of TTH02, these are MBI and CMC.

not sure how the quality for thesee goes
but none has failed me as of yet, But Tdk Europe did NOT respond to my email about what Legal fakes mean and if that was ok to buy in shop.
The suport of TDK in this matter was therefor Nonexistant.
I wouldn’t answer this, either. Seriously.


Ahh it’s a laptop drive. Dunno what it’s going to be compatible with but I’ll stick with what I told you before. :iagree:

Quite frankly i like to know more about it myself
i got it from http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm maybe they are mistaken?

Well so far i had no problem
atleast with 1-16x althrough they all burning at 8X anyway :rolleyes:

That website isn’t very good IMO - the analysis that you see on there is mostly by coasters only, and doesn’t take into account other factors such as firmware etc, so it’s almost useless IMO :iagree:

This website and its users knowledge are far better IMO :bigsmile:

i’m sure SVP’s +r’s are ricoh, only the -r’s are TYG03

I think that both Sony and Panasonic (but only “Made in Japan”) should be ok. But pay attention to not burn faster than 4x on your laptop drive.

@ Kevatcrewe: The Panasonic DVD+R I saw were Made in India, so I think they had a Moser Baer India media code.

Lol Kevatcrewe good to know now i am just more confused since i used that web as source to check (together with Dvd identifier) if the Stuff i buy is good or bad

Stating verbally from that site about the “Tdk legal fake?” :
“These are apparently legal fakes made by Mitsui, with permission by
TDK to use the code. However the media is quite poor , not true Tdk media”

I sent that Claim to Tdk europe and asked if that is true (after all that website looked like a reliable source atleast at that moment but i was also stunned about that Legal fake thing), and of course i didnt get any reply.
True or not i been a true user of Tdk products all my life (and i am still) but I think atleast i should i have got an answer unless ofcoure they misunderstood and though i was making an acusasion.

Anyway i realy like to know whats all the fuzz about the “Legal” fake
Any other source that can confirm or dismiss this.

Meaning i should go for the Maxell over panasonic if the panasonic is not -r
I just dont know so i need to find out more which one of those named is best :o

I think the Sony ones are made in Austria still they have burned very good.
i dont know about India ones they dont have them here
only Japan, Taiwan and a lot of Sony austria made (probaly they get them from taiwan again i dont know)

As for not burning over 4X why ?
has this something to do with some media being bad burning at 8X?

I know is a little safer (just a little) to burn slower but isnt that more on computers that have old Dvd drives or drives used for a time or those given more troubles.
or is this because it wear out the Dvd driver faster?

I always burn at 8X but then again i dont burn every day
so i dont think i would wear it out that fast LOL