What DVDRW drive, gets past most of the latest copy protection



I have a NEC 3520a; it has burned everything I have tried to burn.


i intend to buy a dvd writer and a friend recommend me LG drive is LG drive good for backup protection game if it not then which kind of brand should i buy


I’ve got a BenQ DW1620, and I haven’t had any problems with passing game securities, do you have any examples in particular?


Steam is the backbone of HL2 and all other source and online games released by Valve. No, there is no way around it. Since Steam will download to any computer, anywhere, DVD/CD back-up is unneccesary. There is an option to burn a backup under the properties of the game in steam. You still need to be online for it to work. Game specs say you need to have an internet connection under the term “required”.
Activation is inevitable! :sad: For all other games I use my Plextor 716 A, Alcohol120% and Daemon Tools.

My Specs :smiley:
Pentium D 830 (3.0GHZ on each core)
Dual Western Digital 7200 RPM SATAII 400GB Drives
Plextor 716 A DL DVD Burner
ATI Radeon X800 XL PCI X16 :iagree:
NEC DL Drive (no name from newegg)
Sceptor 20.1" 4x3 1600x1200 native resolution baby!!!
Haupague PVR 150
FOXCONN Serverboard with Dual GIGABIT LAN (1000Mbps)
Windows Media Center


This has nothing to do with CPRM ? it only will allow you to
have the original download, and not copy it again, you should use only drives that do not support CPRM…
Try other disc media version 2.1 revision 8.0 or above these values. (r-media not rw)


the drive has nothing to do with getting past copy protection. you need software to get past the copy protection depending on what you want to do if you want to back up a dvd any dvd or dvd region= css free running in the backround will take care of most any thing that might come up as far as copy protection same for games if they are on cd or dvds the drive just spins and reads the disk other programs for copying are nero, ashampoo, blindwrite, are just a few


I have a LiteOn 1693S and want to get a 2nd Optical Drive.
Considering what the LiteOn can do with copy protection, should
I compliment this with another brand drive to cover whatever
the LiteOn1693S can’t do well?



Any conclusion?

It would be nice if it is put in the initial post.


can anyone help with Pink pantheer dvd? by sony


Anybody tried the Samsung SH-S182D SB02?

Only burner I’ve seen with a 4/5 “stars” handling copy protected discs!?


Is there a list of 1 & 2 sheep DVD burners? I couldnt find one.

Is the Liteon 52327s still the best CD burner to get around the majority of protections?


Sorry, but as I am very busy, i started reading this forum.

even if some guys state what player backed up the game … we dont know the media.
is here anywhere a list where i can see a 3 sheep burner ?
i didnt find a list of 3 sheep burners, like a classifaction, on this page !

anyone any idea ?

if not, cant we have DVD burner overview ? the admin here has all the info and maybe he can make a list easily with Excel or whereever he has all his data stored :wink:

thanks !


Look in the air. Look in the sky. Look at a blank sheet of paper. All contain a complete list of 3 sheep burners. In short, there aren’t any. :disagree:



that means my decision for a liteon 165H6 is ok ?


still remains to create a list of 2+ sheep burners and SD 3,4, securom and so on …

not ?


wanted to make sure i got this right, if its 2sheep it can do correct emf, thus it can burn safedisk 4+ correctly? for an accurate backup? I was looking at the newer samsung drive that was reviewed not too long ago and is a 2sheep. how can you tell a drives read quality? like if it can accuratly read the copyprotection to be copied? (example i am having problems making an image of bf2142 safedisk 4.70) So i don’t think my dvdrw can read all the data correctly to make the image.

is there any issues with the sata and copyprotections retail and burned?

EDIT: also would like to see a list of 2sheep burners in a sticky. also sheep should be in every drive review.


Wrong. For practical purposes, 2 sheep only means that it can do up to safedisc 2.7 or 2.8 cds. It does not mean that it can do any version of safedisc higher than that and does not mean that it can do any version of safedisc on a dvd (since no dvd burner can do so at all without emulation).

Probably of little use having regard to the above. Suggest that instead you look at the stickies about successes and failures with sd 3.2 and sd 4.


[QUOTE=philamber;1561825]Look in the air. Look in the sky. Look at a blank sheet of paper. All contain a complete list of 3 sheep burners. In short, there aren’t any. :disagree:[/QUOTE]

Dear Philamber, I was of the same opinion as you, right until I read the review of the new Asus DVD-RW, the 1814 Lightscribe model, here in cdfreaks!!! I’m most impressed so I got out and bought myself one. I haven’t had the time to check it, but if the review is correct… we have found our champ!!!


Any additional tests with the Asus DVD-RW 1814 for it’s abitlity to burn as a three sheep burner? The meaning about that differs.