What DVDRW drive, gets past most of the latest copy protection



I use the burner to read the game to the HD, yeah, but I play back the copy in a Liteon XJ-HD166S.


My Pioneer A07XL will copy and play back anything so far. My NEC3500 will not play back a protected copy. Haven’t been able to do it in my LiteON 851S, my BENQ 1620 yet either.


Hi all,

sorry for the terribly newbie question but it is my understanding that a specific burner is crucial only if one wishes to create a physical copy of a cd. Will any burner or reader do if I just want to burn an image to my hard disk and play off that? I have a Liteon 1673 and a NEC 6500.

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I just got a new computer with Liteon sohw 1653S and I was told it was good for saving movies on to watch…and in the second week i got to where it wouldnt record and now wont even play dvd …so much for reliable DVD s …does anyone know how to correct this please…I hate not being able to watch the movies i paid for to do what i want for personal use!!! HELP!!!
I am so knew at xp and dvds… :frowning:


With HL2 how do get a round the activation and the missing files.
has anybody had any luck with this?tried combining five cd to one dvd editing it ,and backing it up with pioneer -ao6u.i get missing files error.


I’ll give you a hint “Torrenet”.


I have a Lite-ON 1653S CS0P firmware, copies and burns everything I have (UT2003, Doom 3, Halo, FS2004, and for those who know what m talking abotu, it passed the 3 sheep test, VERY rare for a DVD Burner, but I believe my drive si a fluke. Passes two sheep test, howver.)


pioneer 109 (oem) firm 1.55 (black drive)

does all
see post.
takes about 1 hour per disk (cp) 700mb Alcohol 120%
a little longer for dvd secure rom(game jack v5.0.33

(does not do starforce)


First off guys, I’m really not trying to complain, but threads like this seem to do very little to answer the question.

You have all these people saying they made a successful copy with whatever drive, but it’s not that simple at all, there are alot of variables. Alot of these people play this “good” copy on a liteon 166 or 167, or some drive like that. I’m sorry, but that drive would play a freakin grilled cheese sandwhich if you could fit it in there. :slight_smile:
I can soooo easily make a copy of safedisc 3.x with my CDRW’s liteon, asus, or plex premium, with several softwares to work in a couple select drives. But sometimes you can have quite frankly a horrible copy, and these liteon drives will still play it, while almost every other reader on the planet won’t.

It’s been a few months since I tried, but the best I ever got was with PlexPremium as reader and writer, using discjuggler. Installed and played on like 10 different drives I tried. Only my toshiba 1712 wouldnt play it, it’s an accurate picky reader.

Again, I’m not trying to complain or flame anyone. But with so many people who claim to have a good copy, they have a drive which can’t possibly produce an actual good copy. They only make one which can play in the burner it was made in, or a REALLY forgiving reader.


What do you know about ASUS E616P2 Retail What kind of protections does it get by? 10X


I can confirm that my Liteon SOHW 1633S with BSOS firmware has successfully burned clones with Securom 5 protection as well as every safedisc protected game. Examples of my burns are Rome Total War, Bards Tale, Battlefield 2 DVD.


I have just done LOTH:WOTR(SecuROM v- with my Plextor 708A using the twinpeak/clonecd methon(thnx philamber) and was successful.

Oh forgot, for Rosco it played in my Toshiba SD-M-1212 DVD-Rom, can’t comment about other drives but the copy I made was perfect.


Can someone help me. I have the following system:
Dell Dimension
500mhz processor
512mb RAM
Samsung TS-H552U DVD±R/RW Dual Layer burner
NVidia 32mb Video card

Here is my issue:

I’m trying to burn a working backup copy of The Sims Makin Magic. I’ve tried to use all the appropriate programs alcohol 120%, Blindwrite, Clonecd, and Burnatonce. The A Ray scanner that I am using says that the disc is protected with Safedisc v2.9 and so does CD Protection Scout. When I am running these programs I keep getting read errors but it will complete the copy. When I try and use the cd I’m getting the following error message:

Please re-insert the cd and click ok to restart the application

Also can anyone tell me if my DVD burner is capable of making good copies of these discs. I am new at this so any help is greatly appreciated.


how is the sony dru-810a, i’m planning to buy it? will it get me through the securoms. most of my games are securoms - various versions?


sony=liteon :stuck_out_tongue:


how is the sony dru-810a? will it copy securom sucessfully? i’m planning to buy it.


I past securom 5.03 yesterday with my 1693S !!! It was a child game called Titeuf.


The Sony 810 is just a rebaged BenQ, which is a great burner, but not very good to pass games securities!!!
I you wait a bit, I will try this game with my Philips 1648P, which is the same as the sony 810.
Be back with the result.


I was able to backup the same disc with my philips also. The copy works with all my drives.


My NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A does a great job. NEC always does great work.