What DVDRW drive, gets past most of the latest copy protection




Seeing as HL2 came out recently, I was wondering what DVD-RW unit was best for all round protections including SecuROM 5 and SafeDisc 3.x/4.x.

Is it the Plextor 712A? I don’t mind it not being DL burner.

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Lol, doesnt anyone else have an opinion on this one?


I’ve had good results with my liteon 832S


What protections?


I don’t remember exactly but some securom(twinpeaks), Tages(XIII) and safedisc up to 3.20(Doom3)


What about Toshiba SD-R5372? Should be a nice DVD burner and as I could read it burns also SD 3.2 without probs, anybody tested latest securom and SD 4 and had succes…?


Anyone had any success with the NEC-3500A / 3520A? (safedisc 3 and securom 5)


I will have a go at copying Deus Ex 2 on DVD (SecuROM 5) with my NEC 3500.

As far as I know very few DVD burners can do correct EFM encoding, so have little luck with SafeDisc.

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I’d just buy a Lite-On 167T DVD-ROM.

I’ve been able to burn safedisc 3.20 disks with my Plextor 708-A (0 sheep burner!) and still play them on the Litey.

They also make great Twinpeak backups.


$26 right here!

Whenever my friends want to borrow one of my games I just tell them to buy one of these so I can burn them a copy.


Hi all just want to add i did a safedisk 3 1942, NFSU2 sucsesfull backup using a samsung SD616E DVD-ROM and burnt with a pioneer A07D DVD +RW Burner using alchohol 120 latest version with standard safedisk 2/3 settings, just experiment guys


I have this drive and can confirm it copies SD just fine - Doom 3 (SD 3.2) and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (SD 4) are just some of the games I’ve sucessfully made backups of.
Can’t say as much about SecuRom though - I have a few appropriate games like UT2004 but I’m not sure how to make backups of them, do I need to use the TwinPeak method?


Yes, you do.
Unless you don,t use Blindwrite!


TwinPeaks does not work with dvd’s



That’s great news, there are not so many dvd burners out that can handle SD 4 and for securom u can try use Blindwrite methode like it’s writen for plextor premium if it’d work that would be superb, if it doesn’t the twincreator/twinpeak method should work for sure!


Yes, that’s right, anyway, for now we are talking here about protected CDs and not DVDs! :wink:


I subscribed, downloaded, and paid for copy protected WMA/V files from a website. Then I installed a DVD burner so I could copy them to removable storage. But it seems that upon reinstalling the OS, the files do not recognize my rights to view these videos. I have emailed and emailed and emailed the support staff from the site. They are more or less telling me that they are thieves, even though it stated in their FAQ page that it would be no problem if I lost the licenses. I am not a pirate. I just want to own what I purchased. Can “tunebite” help me with this one? Or does anyone know how I can open these files?


I have had succes with multiple Liteon drives, 1633s,832s, and 411s. The only thing you have to watch out for is getting a good Dvd drive, for instance I used a Liteon 166s and it wouldnt read the new sd3.2 but would read all other backups, the drive i currently use and works with all is litoen 167t which is an excellent dvd drive, I just purchased the new liteon 16p9s and this drive doesnt read the new sd3.2 backups.


With HL2 how do get a round the activation and the missing files? :confused:


So far I have been able to burn a good working copy of Battle for Middle Earth with my Plextor PX-716a. I also ran the latest patch and it still works (new patches sometimes put in newer protections). I haven’t tried it with any other SD4 games though. I used the 1.04 (non-updated) firmware. Thing is, this drive wasn’t able to do some SD3 games according to reviews…


DoomGaZer: are you using your PX-716a to read it as well when you install and play?