What DVDR(W) burners to get these days?

There was a glorious time for DVDR burning when BenQ was king. After that, I’ve used a Pioneer 102D with very good results, and I’m currently with an okay Sony Optiarc 7240S which unfortunately is beginning to show signs of needing replacement (still burning OK, but tray won’t open 2 out of 3 times). Nothing lasts forever, heh.

It’s been a while since I shopped for a DVDR burner. What should I get these days ? I don’t need anything blu-related, so a cheap, efficient DVDRW unit in the vein of the ones I mentioned would be ideal. Internal, desktop.

Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:

The newer drives don’t seem to be as good as some of the slightly older drives imo. See the short thread at http://club.myce.com/f44/ihas-x24-b-ihas-x24-different-ihas-x24-332197/ to see more on why I and others conclude this. My choice was the Sony Optiarc AD-7200S that may be found on eBay.

Lite-On \ Optiarc are the best choice for today, imho