What dvdr media works best with NEC-3500A

Hi, i recently brought a NEC-3500A from ebuyer, and along with it brought i
“Ritek Inkjet Printable DVD-R 4x (ritek G04 Dye) 25 Pack” link

Can anyone tell me if i brought good media?

Pretty simple question… :wink:

g04 is good media

I can also say G04s are good media. I can successfully burn them @8x without any problems with Liggy’s Beta 7 firmware.

Check out that thread for more info.

Heres the link to my post of the 8x scan


Best media for both of my 3500’s is Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s so far (the 8x +R’s are in the UPS system to be here Monday 10/04-let you know more when I get them)-

You can get the 8x TY’s from www.rima.com for $30 for 50 cakebox plus shipping (mine was $5.13) for either the - or +'s

Happy Burnin’


Thank you very much for help!