What DVD writing software is popular?

Which DVD writing software do you recommend for which type of application ? What are you using at this moment ?

In other words, I’d like to know what’s popular.

Are they the wellknown programs such as Ahead’s Nero, Roxio, DVDXCopy, Alcohol, etc. ? What else ?


for compilations nero
for iso’s, diskjuggler, dvddecrypter
for dvd: dvd2dvdr or dvd2one for reencoding, diskjuggler, prassiprimo dvd for writing.
full dvd copy, diskjuggler, prassiprimo dvd and alcohol 120%

There’s also DVDShrink (for ripping/compression) - which is freeware! Check out dvdrhelp.com as it’s very popular there. You will still need a burn app though.

Here is a selection of CD/DVD Mastering software: http://www.cdfreaks.com/software/cat/7

And here is a selection of 1:1 copy software.

If you need to get in contact with some developers I might be able to help out on some occasions.

Thanks, DoMiN8ToR

Just what the doctor ordered:D


could you tel us what exactly you want to burn, and do you want burning software only or also transcoding/encoding software too
…for dvd-video that is

MOVIES (encoding/ripping or transcoding):
dvd2dvd-r with cce (or other encoder)>>>burn with nero/clonedvd
dvd2dvd (aka dvd2svcd) with cce/canopus >>burn with nero
dvdshrink >>>>burn with nero/clonedvd
dvdcopy95 (not sure about this name)
dvdxcopy (splits dvd 9) >>>can burn by itself
dvdxcopy xpress >>can burn by itself
pinnacle instant copy 7/8 >>can burn by itself
dvddecryptor >>rips iso’s and can burn them
davideo pro dvd >>can burn by itself
dvd-cloner >>not sure
movie jack 2 >>can burn by itself
steinberg dvd movie copy
intervideo dvd copy
clone-dvd >>can burn by itself

some are advised to use with anydvd or similar software

NERO >>data dvd creating / burning
BURNATONCE>> data dvd creating /burning and freeware

and many others

I’d like to know which DVD Writer related software our drives should be supporting according to you, endusers.

I want to know if the software we support right now is enough. It might be that some software that we’ve never heard of is popular and we could make many people happy if it’d be supported in the future.

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