What DVD writer to buy?

First of all, i know you guys get manny questions like this one. But, as I’ve been reading, there’s a DVD writer for each need.

So iw ould be thankfull if you helped me out making a good choice for my first dvd writer.

what will I use it for?

  • Backing up my DVD movies.
  • Backing up my playstation 2 games.
  • Backing up my DVD-games.
  • I got a plextor CDR, so i wont be needing the cdR/RW capabilaties as much.

Having kids my DVD’s don’t live long. Scratches all over the surfaces.

The drive I’m looking for must be stable and good. The software bundel is not that important.

Now, i’ve been reading about the sony DRU500a(x). Its supports a lot of standards. So, maybe the idle choice. But i read that so manny ppl have problems with it.

Also, i don’t know if i need support to all the standards since I’ll only be using it for the above listed functionalitys.

Who can help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Well the SONY DRU500 is a good DVD-writer (you always hear the bad stories and never the good ones), and the spec’s are good.

If I’m correct it can do what you want to do with your new drive.

The only problem is that’s hard to get and expensive (if you compare it to DVD-writers that can write only one standard).

If that’s no problem for you try to get it or wait (a few months) and buy the new upcoming LG GMA-4040 (if I remember correctly).
This writer can burn all formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM!!

Although dual format recorders might not be the real solution from a consumers perspective we would advice to buy one. The dual format recorder allows you to buy the cheapest media and if you are lucky you will be able to find both DVD minus and DVD plus media that works with your DVD player.

This is from an expert point of view found elsewhere on this site, and to take it one step further,I really don’t think it’s luck to find the right media. Most internet sites selling DVD media have ‘sample’ packages for just over $20,to enable you to see
what media works with your player. Simple,right?:cool: