What dvd writer to buy



please help at the min i have a emprex dvd duel layer writer but seem to be having a lot of problems with bad burns i updated all the firmware and still get problems on films and ps2 backups
i have been useing dvd-r with g04 riteck dye in my lite-on drive and have not had problems
i am thinking of getting a nec nd3520a dvd+/- rdl drive and getting shut of the emprex one which was an xmas present
ive also brought some datawrite yellows 4.7gb x8 but still no good is this drive no good think its a rebadged b.t.c drive
any coments on nec or other drives would be most welcome
simie :a


Right now Best Buy has the Plextor 716a for $101USD with a Plextor $30 mail in rebate. Just dig through the boxes till you find one that says TLA 0304 on it.


You can get a 3520 for $57.99 with free shipping. If you want to wast more money you can buy the other one. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


so am i right in saying this emprex drive is crap i need a uk site to buy from as well if anyone knows one!


Alot of the small UK computer shops still have the 108 in stock, if you want a good burner grab one while you can.


can someone just tell me if the nec nd3520a dvd+/-r dl is a good drive because i think this is the one im going for
£45.00 not bad is it?


Yes, but please use the search function in future


simie1973 check link only £35,you may also look @ quality discs there (media code is posted beside item)