What DVD-writer for the best quality?

Hello there,

Last week I destroyed my DW1655, and I’ve been looking for a good DVD-writer ever since. I’ve spent hours on this site already, but still I still don’t know what to buy. I want to burn DVD+R’s (Imation and Verbatim exclusively) with my new burner, and I’m looking for the following

  1. good quality (PI/PE)
  2. long life (of the discs)
  3. good scanning ability, all other drives I have, can’t scan PI/PE very well.

I don’t care about speed, compatibility or any other issue. What should I buy (I can get anything)?

Thanks in advance.

In your case you should purchase either Benq 1655, Lite-on SH-16A7S or Plextor 760A.

Any review for Lite-On SH-16A7S?

Plextor 760A is kinda expensive 80+ and I can’t find BENQ 1655 or any BENQ on newegg anymore :frowning:

You would consider them to be equally good? If the Plextor is better at burning quality discs, I’d gladly pay double the price of the other drives.

I’m kind of disappointed in Benq. Some time ago, I watched a DVD I burned 6 months before with my Benq 1640/1620, and it stuttered in the end, so to say. Then I tested it in 1640, and Nero CD/DVD Speed gave me a score of above 90, while testing it at 16x. It just showed that Benq DVD-scans are not reliable.

Pio and Asus can’t scan well.
Why not the LiteOn? It’s good for scanning and it can also burn well :slight_smile:

Okay, so no Pioneer or Asus. I have seen that Lite-on is quite popular here. But is it the best when it comes to quality (and of course, verification thereof)?

Hmmm, absolute write quality, from your choices, probably Pioneer (as BenQ is not available).

I purchased a Lite-ON last year, 5S series drive, not impressed with write quality compared to even my ‘ancient’ BenQ 1620. If you are comparing only PIE/PIF, then Lite-ON seems competitive, when you look at other parameters (Jitter mainly), it was [I]Serie B[/I] compared to BenQ’s [I]Serie A[/I] performance. The 6S series drives don’t seem much better in this factor and their newest 20x drives are not the best writers for quality either (as measured by professional analyzer).

Well, where I live, the Benq is available. And since the Pioneer cannot scan, I guess Benq would be a better choice.

Do I have to run Nero CD/DVD-speed on 8x? If so, then that explains why most of my test results were pretty bad (lower than 95), even though I used a good DVD-writer.

BenQ 1640/1655 would be my permanent vote. :flower:

Unless you need DVD-RAM, high speed burning, 1640/1655 can burn a variety of media with good quality. I got good results with OPTODISC/Infodisc/Infomedia/Nanya/Longten/Must etc, to name a few. Of course, quality media feeds BenQ-Philips very very healthy. :bigsmile:

Other than BenQ, Liteon/Pioneer would be my 2nd choice, but I tend to like Liteon for feature-wise. As for burning quality, they all impressed me favorably.

I listed these 3 writers because they all can scan reasonably well (Plextor a bit slow) as this is the feature that you required. Their burning quality won’t match Poineer on majority media. Out of the 3 you should get BenQ if it available to you as 1655 is far superior to your dating 1640/1620. Plextor is a bit picky on media and hence only burn best on some media. If you’ve got the right media the burned quality is equal or better than Pioneer. Lite-On is packed with a lot of features but it deteriorate quickly over time.

  1. good quality (PI/PE)
  2. long life (of the discs)
  3. good scanning ability, all other drives I have, can’t scan PI/PE very well.

I don’t care about speed, compatibility or any other issue. What should I buy (I can get anything)?
That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

What about the [B]LG GSA-H42N[/B] drive - any good in writing quality?

The BenQ DW1655 is totally out of stock where I live (Austria) :sad:


Can you order from Germany? as the Lite-ON DW1650 is confirmed to be a re-badged BenQ drive.


Good burning quality, plus high speed burning. No scanning at all.
You could get a Liteon 165P6S instead, and 16W1P/18A1P is ok.

You may pair LG with Liteon. :bigsmile: You will get both strong sides.

There’s not really any truth to this, burn quality with most media is quite similar between these 3 drives.

P.S. - if you have a 1640 and a 1620, the answer is ‘none of the above’, both are some of the best burners around and the 1640 is tough to beat, especially at 12x and slower. Also, a good quality scan doesn’t guarantee perfect playback, never has and never will regardless of testing drive - odds are greatly in your favor, but there’s nothing necessarily unreliable about a good test ending in readback problems, all tests have their limitations. If you’re itching to get another drive to ‘compliment’ your current Benq(s), a Pioneer 111D, Samsung 182, LG 42N, Liteon 165P6S/160P6S would all be good additions, although I still go back to my 1640 for the vast majority of my burns among my 10+ burners.

Scooby, both my 1620 and 1640 are crossflashed - the first one from a Philips, the second one from a Sony (I bought it because it looked so nice). Are they just as good as a real 1640? If so, I will use my Sony DW1640.

The 1620 was total cr*p, it screwed up ALL the DVD’s, even according to its own scans. I always burn at 8x, and even at that speed the DVD’s had a late spike in PI-failures.

As for scans, are scans usually reliable? I don’t know why I should bother scanning if they are not. I totally panicked after I saw that even a good scan from my 1640 can result in a bad DVD, that’s the reason why I bought the 1655.

Is the DW1670 any good for burning? I bought that one, but it can’t even scan, so I don’t know. And I read on this site that using other burners for scans is unreliable.

The crossflashed drives will be just the same, yes. Scans are as reliable as you perceive them to be, you’re misusing them if you assume that a good scan is a guarantee of readability. Even a perfect transfer rate test, which is a true test of readability, doesn’t guarantee anything when it comes to readability on another drive or standalone player. A good scan or TRT greatly increases the chances of proper playback, and a poor result in those tests obviously greatly increases the odds for problems, but there is no perfect test short of testing the disc exactly in its intended use such as playing back in the intended player.

The 1670 is a mediocre drive, it shares nothing in common with the 1620/1640/1650/1655 etc other than the Brand printed on it. There’s nothing wrong with scanning its burns in your other drives though, same thing with the 1620’s burns, you can scan them in your 1640.

It really sounds like a common case of someone misusing their scans and getting overly paranoid about their results being poor because of it - this is not uncommon to people that aren’t that familiar with scanning. You say your 1620 is giving bad results, well it could be a bad drive, it could be that your 1620 is a bad reader and thus is showing bad scans (test in your 1640 to confirm or deny this), it could be the speed you’re scanning at and high jitter exaggerating error levels (~12%+ jitter will exaggerate error levels), etc. For someone not familiar with scanning, running a transfer rate test on burns might be more useful.


I would agree with [B]scoobiedoobie’s[/B] general view on these matters.

Without some type of verification by other [I]known[/I] reliable scanning drives, it would be difficult to track the source of your issues with [I]your[/I] BenQ 1620 (the one I have is an amazing scanning drive & quite good writer too :stuck_out_tongue: ). The drive may just have been a faulty unit, as there have been many reports of these for BenQ 1620 drives.

If you follow [B]scoobiedoobie’s[/B] advice of using TRT to check for potential compatability, I would suggest using a drive which is not too overtolerant of most potential issues. I prefer DVD-ROM drives for such tests myself.

Thank you both for your advise, you are really helpful.

Paranoia is the correct word. Since I burn a lot of DVD’s and, of course, don’t want my money to be wasted, so I want my DVD’s to last as long as possible.

I assume the Transfer Rate Test is the “Benchmark” test of Nero. Okay, so if that’s the test for readability, then what is the quality check? Is the benchmark a prediction of how well the disc plays today, and the quality check of how long the disc will last?

I really hate to bother you with such basic questions, but unfortunately, when searching this forum with Google, I find only specific scans and very little general information (except 280 PIE, 4 PIF)

I burned this some time ago with (I believe) my DW1640. Is this test result any good? Note the consistent failure at 0,25 GB, all Benqs I had have this problem, on any computer, with any DVD.

Unfortunately, the only DVD-ROM I have is an Asus 16x, and it can only scan at 10x. It gives a 99 score, even to DVD’s that have bad sectors and it can’t read. So I’m forced to scan with my DVD-writers.

There should be no issues with that disc considering the clean transfer curve and the reasonable PIF. I would suggest scanning at 8x with the 1640.

I would use the Asus drive for the “Benchmark” test only as it seems an unreliable scanning drive. On the “Benchmark” screen, if you press F2 on the keyboard, it will run the TRT (Transfer Rate Test) only.

The “Disc Quality test” option is incorrectly named IMO, “Write Quality check” would be more appropiate. It is useful to see how well written your scanning drive [I]thinks[/I] a disc is and can allow you to find the best writing speed/options. It cannot tell you how long a disc will last (but, you can use it to check if your discs are degrading by comparing scans of the same disc after a period of time.)

I would suggest you upgrade your copy of Nero CD-DVD speed to v4.7.0.2. This allows the “advanced disc quality test” option for BenQ drives which is very good for CD/DVD scanning as it gives more detailed information than normal “disc quality test”.