What DVD writer do you use for most of your stuff?



I mean, except for testing and a few features, what do you use casually? I am definitely one who does not care to post my results here afraid that my Kprobe errors rates might or might not be 1337 enough by a few points. I do not care much about these in-depth tests, I think there is more to that than just errors rates. I use the Pioneer DVR-108 for my burns, as it has got the feature that appeals the best to me: some of the best writing quality, especially on DVD-Rs. In fact, I still never burned a single DVD+R and I burned a ton of discs. There are other shortcomings of course, but the other benefits, for which there are a lot, make so that I use it for virtually all my burns. As for media, I use TDK, Taiyo Yuden and Ritek DVD-R, depending on what I can get on sale at a good price. I just got a BenQ DW1620, which i intend to use very few and for a few unique features only.


I use my BenQ 1620 for all my DVD burning with Taiyo Yuden DVD+R mostly but also some Verbatin DVD+R and Maxell DVD+R ( made in Japan) for Cd burning I use Plextor premium.


Believe it or not I use my 8x liteon (851s@832s) more than anything. With 8x burns it is faster than my other burners and with the right media the burns are outstanding every single time.


2Weeks ago is used my Litey SOHW-832S for all purposes but i bought then a Benq and now i can burn faster and im currently on the way to 1Terrabyte on DVDs lol (dunno where i can put my DVDs after the next 50 DVDs but i should find a place fast lol)
Some may say that Liteys are crappy but i burned hundreds of discs with it my first disc with the litey is still in splendid form.
I hope my new benq gives me the same results and reliability.