What DVD+RW?

They are good

I made, to compare, the same tests with PxScan 1.6.6 :

I’ve been doing some logging with my fairly recent batch of RICOHJPN W11 001, sold as Ridata 4x DVD+RW in a 25-pack from NewEgg.

All of these burns were done on the SAME DISK.

The first 4 burns were essentially at 2.5x due to my drive being in PIO mode instead of UDMA 4. I included them because even though the drive buffer level was going down to red every few seconds, you’d think it’d result in some really bad burns, but there were substantially fewer errors that way (slower) nevertheless.

Another interesting note: is that the “virgin burn” had by FAR the lowest error rate (6372 PIF’s), at about a quarter the next lowest error rate.

Bottom line: ho hum. But they didn’t cost any more than burn-once, or about 40 to 50 cents per disk. I guess these PIF’s are normal from looking at the other scans here.

Burn# - PIF’s - Burn Software
(PIO MODE causing drive buffer problems and 2.5x)

  1. 6,372 - Creator Classic
  2. 26,992 - Plextools
  3. 24,177 - Creator Classic
  4. 25,716 - Plextools
    (Ultra DMA 4 at true 4x, 150MB free, worst burn!)
  5. 33,916 - Creator Classic

I hope the images display in proper order, not backwards. P.S. How the heck do you put images inline between text anyway? Using the ‘insert image’ function just puts “” surrounding text. These are my first scan posts.

Yes, they are in the right order. SUM1 test was done at Middle Accuracy.