What DVD+RW?

I want to buy DVD+RW, i have choice:

  • Media Verbatim MID: MKM A02
  • Media Traxdata MID: RICOHJPNW11

I take a look on zevia’s and beeder’s scans for RICOHJPNW11, but what is the best buy for my PX-716A??? Thanks

Get Verbatim if price differences don’t matter much.

Traxdata are avaible for 20€/25pcs, the Verbatim for 27.50€/25pcs, for a quality media i’ll buy the Verbatim. Thank for your help :slight_smile:

On every DVD writer I have tried, my Fujifilm branded RICOHJPNW11 discs always burn significantly better than Verbatim MKM A02. This has been the case on LiteOn LDW-851S, NEC ND-3500AG, Plextor PX-712A and BenQ 1620.

Unless Traxdata uses B-grade discs (I have no idea whether they are), then I’d definitely choose RICOHJPNW11 over MKM A02!

I agree with DrageMester. On both my PX712 and NEC3500, my Mitsubishi branded RICOHJPNW11 gives much better results than the Verbatim branded MKM A02.

I would go for Traxdata without hesitation. I’ve only had good experiences with Traxdata media (8x RITEKG05, and 4x RICOHJPNR01) so far, and they definitely don’t use B-grade discs. They are amongst the very few trully approved RITEK partners, selling only their best … and probably same stands for RICOH … They definitely go back a long way with both RITEK and RICOH, and use genuine, high quality stuff.

Argggggg :frowning: , i’m waiting the Verbatim since 00h05…Thank you all for your advise, but too late for me :slight_smile:
I’ll post scan when i receive them.

You made a right choise: usually MKM A02 is slightly better than RICOHJPNW11

Who is in truth ???

I have baught 15 Ricoh W11. After about ten times burning on 6 of the discs the writing quality was bad and the media became unreadable. Complete erase didnt help either. I use 708 and 712 with latest firmware to burn those media.

I’ve not had any trouble with the Verbatim MKM A02 (4x +RW) or MCC 01RW (2x -RW).

However, CDR-Info has an exhaustive review with 10 Pioneer 108’s burning each brand 100 times and checking the results (with plenty of scans) at every step of the way:


Summary: doesn’t seem to be much to pick between Ricoh and Verbatim. Oh, and ignore this mistake: “The Plextor PX-712A with the latest available firmware ( v1.05).”

Very good review, thank FTP1020 :wink:

Well, my results with the Verbatim (MKM A02 00) are really bad.
Some scans:

  1. First burn on a virgin disc
  2. Overwritten without erasing on the same disc
  3. Full erase before burn on the same disc
  4. TDK (Philips 041 00), third time overwritten without erasing

Verbatim-branded MKM A02 8x DVD+RW
Nero, PX712a, FW 1.07

Burned about 30 times so far.

A bit fugly (PIE over a million and PIF spikes of 10), but no troubles reading it (real world use either) as can be seen from the Read Transfer scan.

Maybe we just need to lower the standards for RW…?

If not only our 716s burn that bad, then you’re probably right.
I have no trouble to read the discs either. But they’re beyond the specification.

The phase-change material used in making DVD+RW (or CD-RW) has a somewhat predictable progression in burn quality with use:

1st burn on a virgin disc always yields the lowest error rates.
2nd burn (1st rewrite) causes a dramatic jump in error rates.
Error rates will ease back down by the 5th to 10th rewrite, but never back to as low as the 1st burn.
Error rates will climb again as the rewrite count increases, mainly due to aging.

Since the full capacity is rarely utilized during a write/rewrite, different areas of the disc can have different write/rewrite counts as the disc gets used, thus such a disc can show several levels of error rates within a single scan. Don’t be surprised if the front part of the disc gets higher error rates, as inevitably the front part gets rewritten more frequently.

Also, it is very rare for rewritable media to have error rates as low as write-once media. This is true for both DVD and CD writable discs, and is something we have to live with. The higher error rates and lower reflectivity of DVD+RW is why most drives read this media slower than DVD+R/DVD-R.

I hope i can burn them @8X

Woops, my post above said 8x when it should have been 4x.

The opinion of scan80269 is right.I entirely agree with him.
I think MKM is slightly better than Ricoh.
According to my experience of burning,The chance of “Scrap” of Ricoh is much larger than MKM,and the compatibility of MKM also better than Ricoh.

My first burn on Verbatim DVD+RW; MKM A02 00; 4X burned @ 4X with plextools 2.23
PR=OFF; AS=ON; FW 1.06; burning time: 14:31
TA test with plextools 2.23: VGood-VGood-VGood
TA test with plextools XL 3.00: VGood-Good-VGood
PS: i will make the 3 same test as Lord Voldemort to compare.

Are my scans good ?

This first scan is better than mine, so… yes. :bigsmile: