What DVD-RW Drive is this? Slimtype DVD A DS8AZH NH61?

So, have any hacks been applied to SSM-85H5S yet? Also, does the SSM-85H5S FW have the same date as the FW from my DS-8AZH and what do the Lite-On FW version #s look like? At least we’ve answered the title question of this thread, whether or not we’ve made any improvements. Now that I have a backup of my EEPROM I guess I’ll have to start quality testing with media that I have on hand. At least MCC04 is in the supported list.

Thanks for the analysis, ala42!

(I guess 42 really is the Ultimate Answer. :smiley: )

Slimtypes don’t usually get hacks, as they are pretty much at their limit with stock firmware. I’m sure you can strategy swap, and I think you can make the drive RPC1, but that’s about it. :slight_smile:

And unless you have a bunch of region 7 discs [while in regions 1-6] to copy to MEDIA ID 009 media [that doesn’t exist], then the average user won’t gain anything by tweaking firmware strategies or going RPC1. But if you had, say, CMC MAG M01, you might benefit from using the MCC 004 strategy.

I’ll let the grand master ala42 handle the rest of the answers. :flower:

I guess I’m just spoiled by my NEC. I’m still surprised at the lack of FW updates from Lite-On though.

[QUOTE=ala42;1929218]The drive’s firmware looks like a SSM-85H5S firmware, check the specs here.
Ltnrpc should solve your RPC needs.[/QUOTE]

thanx ala 42, yep, I have a HP dv9000 laptop since 2007 and wanted to know the info on my optical drive to make it region free
and you’re right, this FW (Ltnrpc) worked for me by just disabling the RPC, now thru VLC player I can play any DVD on my laptop.
Wicked dude :bow: