What DVD+-RW do you recommend for 716a?

I have read Plextors media list for the PX-716a but I wanted to get user recommendations on DVD + or - RW media to use.

What to stay away from is just as important as what to get too.



I made bad experiences with Ricoh W11. They burn with excellent quality the first few times. Then error rate increases with each burn, even after full erases. After about 15 times burning the disc is unreadable. Have had this problem with about 10 discs from different batches. (This problem is not specific for 716, same probs also with LG and other burners i tried.)


I had the same problems with some Memorex CD-RW 4-10X media that I purchased 3-4 years ago. I still have a couple of the discs… unused in the wrapper! Haven’t bought any memorex since then.

Thanks for the heads up on the Ricoh W11.

My (anecdotal) experiences with Verbatim (both + and -) have been fine. They’ve been burned dozens of times and still read fine.

I have been using Memorex DVD +RW since december without any problems.

Then again, I have burned over 250 movies using Verbatim/Memorex media with the 716A and Nero and have yet to have a coaster using either media.
Might as well throw Sony CR-R in the group also.
Beginning to think I can burn sucessfully on any media
but won’t know since I stay away from the bargain disks.
[was gonna buy Bj’s media once but whimped out.]

Keep in mind also that many problems on this board associated with the 716A are due to not having all your ducks in a row.
[translation: PC conflicts with software, hardware, etc.
It’s not always the 716A which usually gets the blame 1st.

Verbatim (MKM ADIP)

I use verbatim ( +R ) and sony ( +R ) with good results.

Single 4,7 GB TYG03 Rated 16 x DVD-R (72.9 Euro/100) …
Haven’t tested DVD±R DL’s yet , but soon to receive 2 types !

Hmm, well, he is asking for RW, not R media…

My 712A gets along quite nicely with TDK branded Philips media, but I haven’t used them enough to judge how they are after, say, 15 burns, as Arrow mentioned.

Well… I broke down and bought a single Verbatim DataLifePlus 1X-4X DVD+RW in a jewel case, made in Taiwan with Reorder #94520, for a whole $2 (US)! Ok. So I am cheap, but it’s better than shelling out $15-25 for a mini cake box and find out that they don’t work so well.

Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Info tool says the MID is MKM A02 (000). Will test it out tomorrow and report back with the results.

For DVD+RW i use the Ricoh DVD+RW 8x.Very great results with these discs.
To burn on DVD+R i go with Fuji DVD+R 8x.They burn very good at 16x.

Here are the results of my scans of the Made in Taiwan DataLifePlus Verbatim 1-4X DVD+RW disc, MID MKM A02, using Nero CD-DVD Speed to create the data disc and then Read Transfer test followed by the default PxScan batch file scan. I tried to fully erase the disc prior to the data burn but Nero stopped pretty quickly with an error message. Why?

Results are ok but not as stellar as with the DVD+R’s I have scanned sofar, but I anticipate that is the norm when comparing rewritable discs - they just aren’t as error free. I have read somewhere in this forum that the RW’s error rate may improve on the second burn but then steadily deteriorate after that. Don’t understand why that may be unless the first burn was on a fresh out of the wrapper RW disc, not fully erased before first burn, since I assume that an erased RW would also show deterioration in the “erased” quality similar to data on the disc degrading over time as well. I don’t have any evidence to back this theory up, just the writer’s anecdotal experience.

The real proof will be when I (try to) convert and burn an Xvid file to DVD format to play on a non-XviD supported DVD player, my initial purpose for using DVD+RW in the first place (along with harddrive backups).

So the scan above shows the disc after the 1st burn, is that correct?
Because it is very similar to my 1st burn on MKM-A02-00, but my 2nd burn was a lot worse!

I have tried at least some DVD+RWs, and until now TDK DVD+RW 4,7GB 4x (Philips 041 00) seem to be the best, at least for me, but I haven’t done many scans until now (no time…). The seem to beat the Verbatim though.

Here’s a look at my Made in Taiwan DataLifePlus Verbatim 1-4X DVD+RW disc, MID MKM A02, now after 5 rewrites. It sure ain’t very pretty but it performs without flaw in the 716a and my Philips DVP642 DVD player. From the looks of this PxScan I won’t bet this disc continued performance for “1000” rewrites.

This one’s pretty fugly, too, but reads fine as well. It’s been burned at least two dozen times. I think it’s true that RW should be held to a different (ie. lower) standard, but I certainly wouldn’t trust RW media with important data.


That is some scan you got there! Still, you have far fewer PIF’s than me, even though my disk has been burned far fewer times. Strange.

I use my RW’s for testing different configurations and settings, new (to me) software tryouts, and when a friend wants some data from me. That’s about it. I agree with you. I wouldn’t trust storing any data on it for the long haul.

philips RW media writes fine on my 716A.after 7 burns max PIE is 28 that isnt bad i guess.

Wow, not bad! :slight_smile:
But the total PIEs and PIFs would be interesting, too.

  • Would you mind telling us the Media ID?

NoLimit: Awesome performance from your Philips media. I’d also like to know the type (+/-), speed and MID Code. I still can’t find any DVD+RW 8X media here in the USA.

An Update To My Last Scan:

My 716A died and is now in the hands of Plextor in Fletcher, Ohio. I think my second scan of the Verbatim DVD+RW media represents the beginning of the end for the drive. The next day or so my drive deteriorated before my eyes as I documented in http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=144685.

So, the Verbatim media may be getting a bum rap and might have been a better performer if not for the dying drive. Maybe the disc will do better with my replacement drive, or, maybe the disc is forever toasted due to something done by the dying drive. I don’t have that level of knowledge to credibly make an intelligent assumption so I’ll test the media again when I get my replacement drive and post on the forum.

I don’t think so. The result was actually much better than my results with that media. My last scan (3rd or 4th burn on that disc) has more PIFs (301177, 11544 >4) and more PIEs (723623).