What DVD-ROM unit to buy?

My LG DRD8160B is unable to read my burnt DVDs (which are reported to work in other drives btw). I want to change it. So I’m searching for a DVD-ROM unit which has to have the following characteristics:

  • VERY GOOD error correction and damaged sectors handling
  • READING of ALL types of DVD (excluding DVD-RAM) including DVD+R9

I’d really want a LiteOn drive so I can run Kprobe tests, but does LiteOn make DVD-ROM units ? They are not present in their official site. Actually, my choice is focused on the:

ASUS DVD-E616P1 or ASUS DVD-E616P2 (I wonder what is the difference between the two…)

mainly because Asus drives (at least CD-RWs) have been reported to be good SafeDisc 2 killers, so I can assume they have a good error correction. Price is not a problem.

Do you know other good CD/DVD-ROM units ?

LiteOn makes DVD-ROM drives also, of course. But although they generally are good drives, they are not recommended for BLER scanning (use a LiteOn burner for that instead).

However, if it has to be LiteOn, buy the 166S (if you can get it still) or the newer 167T model. If not, you might find this thread about the Aopen 1648/AAP useful. This is basically the best drive on the market atm, and it supports BLER (and jitter) testing also, but the results are not accurate (yet) also, although some people still find that feature useful.

Damn ignorance!!! What’s BLER ? :o

Block Error Rate

–> Kprobe (CD-DVD Speed, Plextools, etc.) test.

Wow! The results are impressive. But what does “drive cannot read data from the lead-out” means ? No reading of overburned disks or no reading of short lead-outs (like the ones the latest nero does :p) ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: uhm, this site reports it has trouble reading 90-99 min (overburned) CDs. Seems to agree with no lead out read support!!!

really low DVD ripping speed ? :eek:

That’ test is just part of the advanced DAE (digital audio extraction) test of Nero CD-DVD Speed (the drive got a perfect score, as you can see), it has nothing to do with overburning. The drive will of course read discs that are overburned. It will not read the data of the lead-out itself, in the context of DAE --> this is important if you want to make 100% copies of audio discs (e.g. using offsets and other nerdy features, for example). Before you ask, this does not mean that the drive can’t create images of audio discs, it just means that it won’t copy the lead-out data also (lead-in and lead-out is written by your burner anyway), like quite a few other readers also (burners normally can read this data).

As written at least a hundred times, it is very important to get the Aopen 1648/AAP version of the drive. That (old) cdrinfo review is not about the Aopen 1648/AAP. Other Aopen 1648 drives use completely different chipsets, and therefore are completely different drives!

So before you start speculating about overburned discs (which it reads perfectly fine btw.) and “low ripping speed” (this is the fastest drive for ripping there is), read the thread I linked to first.

if you want a Liteon 167T and you live in the US I can give you a good deal on one. I bought it last week to try out and it is the noisest damn drive I have ever had. and after testing it I dont see any performance or capabilities beyond what my toshiba’s do and they are very quiet. the lite on is just plain annoying.

:o Sorry, I didn’t think the AAP was so important. For example the Pioneer DVR-A08 has three different versions (A08XL/XLA/XLB/XLC) but they are all the same drive! :wink:

I’ll try to find the AAP one…

I live in Italy hehe.