What DVD-ROM to get?



Currently I have a beige Toshiba SM-1502. I just built a new system that is black and are looking for a black DVD-ROM drive. I need something that is an excellent reader for game backups.



Try the ASUS E616P3 or the Aopen 1648AAP Pro. Both are very fast.


Thanks I’ll check those out. I’ve seen many here have the Toshiba SD-M1912. Is that any good?



The AOpen 1648/aap Pro will kicka$$ on ANY DVD-ROM on the market today - period.

If you are in USofA then www.newegg.com has them for like $25 and when you get it - flash it to 1.02 firmware-



I can agree with the Asus E616P3 as I own the Asus E616 (original). It is very good and hasn’t let me down so far.


It’s not bad, but Toshiba can’t keep up anymore with other brands like Aopen and LiteOn. The mentioned Aopen drive really is one of the best you can get nowadays… it’s a very good and capable reader, comes with 3 front bezels (black, white, silver), isn’t noisy etc…

Asus and LiteOn are good as well, but the Aopen remains the better choice :slight_smile:


Try the Liteon SOHD-167T. I’ve found it reads any disc, even ones my ASUS DVD-ROM (E616) & DVD-Writers (Liteon & NEC) have problems with. There is also patched firmware available for high speed ripping.