What DVD ROM to buy



I have a Nec 2500 and a Pioneer 106 dvd rom that is quite old.

So Nec is crappy reader and pioneer is even worse, they don’t read some cheap media and pioneer doesn’t read +r’s or any RW’s whatsoever. The maximum reading speed on both of them is 8x and I need a faster drive.

So I’m thinking of buying a new DVD rom because they are really cheap nowdays but I don’t know what to buy. I’ve searched the net for reviews but they are all dated 2001, when DVDR’s werent on the market. I need a drive that is a REALLY good reader.

Please help …



My personal vote? The LiteOn 167T.




I like my I/O Magic 16x dvd-rom. Although not highly regarded, it was very inexpensive and has served me well. It extracts digital audio very well, and is tolerant of scratched originals. The LiteOn DVD readers are highly regarded.


There are recent reports that the LiteOn 166 cannot read burnt DVD+R9 DL (double layer) discs. This could very possibly be fixed by a firmware update, but I can’t be sure on that.
I haven’t heard about the 167 yet but let’s hope it can…