What DVD rom drive to read for my BenQ 1620?



I have a BenQ 1620 coming from Newegg. I currently have a Creative 12X DVD ROM from about “2001”. Sorry- not at home where I have the Model #. It plays fine and has almost zero miles on it. Will this drive be fine for my source drive? I assume my burn speeds will be max at 12X since my source will be 12X max ? How much does the source driver make a difference if any?


I would use the 1620 to read and burn.


It sounds as though you plan to burn DVDs on the fly. Most people here will probably agree that it is not a good idea. Given that, the drive you read with should copy to your HD first and so will have no relation to your burner. When you figure out which software you will use to rip your discs, try it with your old drive and your new drive to see what the actual read speed is. Keep in mind that the best drive out there today will start reading a DL pressed disc at around 5X and will peak at the edge at 11X and then slow back down. If you are close, keep what you have. If you want more speed, get an AOpen 1648 AAP or a Liteon 167T (hacked firmware from http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html )

and you will be up to speed.


So to “burn on the fly” means to copy from one drive directly to a 2nd drive, bypassing the Hard drive entirely? Hmm, I assume people don’t do this because of burn quality, buffer overrun? Or because you need to run it through other programs first like dvd shrink. Or a little bit of all these reasons?

Funny I hadn’t thought of it that way. In that case I would not need a DVD Read only drive. That poses a new question, I have 2 drives currently in my pc. One has to go to make way for the 1620. Should it be my CDR / RW drive, or my DVD ROM read only drive? I still plan on burning cd’s also. My thought was to keep the DVD ROM and burn cd’s and dvd’s with the 1620. How are the 1620’s for CD burning?


I use Alcohol to burn on the fly with (2) 1620’s all the time and have never had a problem. Of course that’s a backup to another backup. Write quality doesn’t suffer at all! With that said though, I have each 1620 on it’s own channel in a pretty decent box… :wink:


Burning on the fly is possible as long as the dvdrom read speed is double of the dvd writers speed. So if you were going to burn @ 8x speed the read speed should be 16x.

Keep your DVD-ROM so it can rip dvds. I don’t use my dvd burners for ripping unless the disc I have has read errors then I will use them as a last resort. In my opinion why put wear and tear on the dvd burner when you can use a dvdrom for the task on ripping. I’ve used my BENQ 1620 for burning cds with no problems.


I agree with DVD Addict. I don’t use my Burners for ripping at all - I have a Samsung TS-H492A cd-rw/dvd combo drive in for that purpose. Does a great job at ripping pressed dvds and is a wonderful cd-burner as well! I’d recommend either that drive or probably one of the Lite-On Combo drives to do your ripping. The one Aopen (I think it’s the 1648/RRP or whatever) is also supposed to be a great reader. :slight_smile:


I think cdrinfo.com did a comparison of Aopen and toshba dvd-roms. I rip with my burner. At $55 it’s not so bad using it for both functions. I suppose if I was doing alot of DVDs everyday it would be a different story.



Ok, i’m keeping my DVD ROM, if I need quicker rip speeds , I will upgrade it later on after I get my feet wet. So for now I just unplug my CDRW drive “which I assume is master”, and plug the 1620 in set to master and I will be able to get the ball rollin here?

wear and tear on the dvd burner
I have seen wear mentioned many times. How many burns should be expected for the lfe expectancy of a dvd burner? I know many factors will come into play, but are we talking a few hundred, thousands ??? I assume since so many people mention it, their must be quite a few wearing them out :eek:

Much thanks by the way, I never expected to get this many replies this quickly. I think I will be here a long time. You freaks rule! :bow:


Hundres to Thousands of burns depending on when and how the burner finally fails. My NEC ND2500A had like 700ish or so burns on it as a rough guestimate but it totally depends on the drive! My dad’s NEC ND2500A is still alive and ticking well and it gets daily use. It all depends on the drive and how it holds up. :slight_smile:


The wear and tear argument has been out there forever… To each his own, but we’re talking 'bout a $50.00 drive here. By the time you wear out the drive using it as a reader it will be old technology anyway and you’ll have probably already upgraded… :wink:


I use my JLMS 166 for ripping mainly because of its speed. This drive is a real rocket when it is used with the rigth firmware.
I use my liteon for all the games securities. This drive is known for over coming them.
I Use my BenQ for burning … everybody knows why.
But over all, I use all those drives because it is nice to have them all in my system… and I sometime have money to waste. Now it is up to you.


I must agree with Bichonn, I have the same experience.

My JLMS 166 (running on CodeGuy’s FirmWare) is a real Rocket as far as transfer rate checks and ripping DVD’s is concerned. It has been very trustworthy for over a year now.

Also, the old generation of Litey burners are pretty damn good on CD protections…Don’t know of the new one’s.

But the BenQ 1620 Pro, when it runs on a healthy OS, as far as DVD burning is concerned, it is in a Class of it’s Own… :iagree: