What DVD-Rom Drive For Reading Disks with CRC problems




I was wondering if someone could possibly recommend a DVD-Rom or DVD-RW drive which is really good at reading DVD disks with Cyclic Redundancy Check problems. As when i try to read or scan a disk it freezes at this position. But my standalone has no problems.

I know DVD-Roms and standalones are different but i was hoping maybe there is a drive that can read disks with these CRC problems.



My Liteon SOHD-167T DVD-ROM seems pretty good at reading some of my old DVDs (ones I’ve burned) that either of my writers & an Asus DVD-ROM struggle with. I’ve been going through some of my early burns, mainly on crap media & reburning them on good media & the Liteon hasn’t let me down yet.
Maybe others will be able to support this view.


BenQ 1620 has had a great reputation as a reader. I am not sure of CRC errors but others may be.

What I find is that errors vary as to which of my drives will read them. One day it is the BenQ, and the next, nothing will read a problem disc other than my 3500. Go figure.