What DVD Recorder to choose?

I’m glad that here are lot of discussions about DVD recorders, but I’m missing discussion with this ultimate question (in the title).

My humble ideas regarding ultimate DVD recorder:

  • DVD Recording :wink:
  • DivX player
  • Burning format usable on PC (for recompilation and editing purposes)
  • Reasonable price (up to 350$?)

“Would be good to have”:

  • HDD
  • 5.1 analog output
  • USB connector
  • LAN (10/100Mbit)

What about: http://www.sigmatek-players.com/pvr-800/index.php?page=tech (305EUR)

Hello, I wonder, is thit the right forum???

Check this (only in czech lang. - english probably doesn’t exist) :-((

Hey loosers, what about ASUS S-Presso Deluxe??? :stuck_out_tongue: