What dvd+r to buy

i’m sure there are a million threads like this but wanted to add mine. i’m running out of my fuji dvdrs and was wondering what brand to buy. i could just spend like 50 bucks online and get a 100 pack of ritek dvds or spend like a $100 bucks for 100 memorex or something in a retail store. since they are home movies, i need them to last so i’m a bit wary on using dvdrs from the internet/no real name. thanks for your opinion.

also, i hear that costco has japanese dvd+Rs, is that true? any info would be appreciated.

If you’re gonna spend $100, get these.

Costco has TDK DVD+R

I’m not sure whether they made in Japan or Taiwan. They must be Ricoh, which is a good media. More importantly, they go on “Buy one, get one free” sale at the end of July (if I remember correctly). This offer will bring the price down to $0.6 per disc. If you don’t want to wait, follow the Accaproducts link above, and get TY.

isnt $115 a bit extreme? sure i can spend that but i’m looking for something sub $100. i found a deal for a 50 pack of philips dvdrs for $40 bucks. is there anyway to know what kind of discs you are getting before you buy them? maybe by looking at their barcode or something?

If you post the picture of the spindle and the supplier you are going to get it from, some people may tell you the media brand.
You don’t even tell whether Phillips is +R or -R. You have to be more specific, at any rate.

ADDED: You can search this database yourself.

hey bby!

the $115 is for 100 dvds not 50. the picture is wrong on that page…
those are good, trust him