What dvd-r to buy?

Hi people :slight_smile:

Im new to this place and i was wondering if you wouldnt mind helping me chose what dvds to buy?


I’ve always bought tdk before but after reading many of the threads on this forum im confused about what is best.

My dvd writer is a pioneer dvd-109.


The Taiyo Yudens are the ones to get. The Verbatims are good also if you don’t want to buy 100 discs at a time. I wouldn’t bother with the TDK’s.

Thanks for the quick reply. The TY disks are Unbranded though, isnt that bad or it doesnt make a difference?

I’ve bought TY unbranded CDRs, and been very happy with them. No experience of unbranded TY DVDRs yet, though.

I’d also go for the TYs or Verbs. The only TDK I’d consider would be the MBI ones (can’t remember the MID offhand, but they’re on SVP). :slight_smile:

TYG02 are the best TY -R. I got at least 200 of them myself.:slight_smile:

From whatI have been told in another thread no it doesn’t as TY doesn’t brand. Just look at them like the "unbranded " Tesco own products (not value range :bigsmile: ) just as good as the branded varieties but cheaper.

Actually, if they are back in stock. The 25 packs of Verbatim rebranded Taiyo Yuden would be my recommendation. 8x DVD-R, 6.70 pounds per 25 including VAT. Works out to being a few pounds cheaper if you order 100 of them. As far as the unbranded TY go though, I would personally trust them over anything else. Unbranded means that they have been handled less, ect. See how often those with unbranded discs end up with someone’s grubby fingerprints all over them. :wink:

As of right now, these are still OUT OF STOCK at SVP.

What’s wrong with the TDK TTH02? I bet everyone here who doesn’t even consider them and just recommend the TY have never used any of these TDK discs. I happen to like them :slight_smile:
TTH02, assuming it’s TDK branded, is very good in most recent burners and does well in accelerated aging tests.

I like TY as much as the next CDFreak, but disregarding a good media just because it’s neither TY nor MCC, this sounds strange to me. :eek:

Also unbranded TY can be bought from SVP only in 100-discs spindles, and these are far more fragile during transport due to the weight/resistance ratio. I had several broken spindles of these. :frowning: - now I buy DVDRs only in 25-discs and 50-discs spindles.

@ the original poster:

TDK-branded TTH02 burn very well in my 109. It’s just as good a choice as TY in my opinion. Like all 16X rated media, better burn them @12X. :wink: Anyway, if there’s any trouble with these discs (which I doubt), SVP will replace them :cool:

If you want 16X Verbs, IMO better go for the +R MCC004 (less variation in quality). But I guess you want -R because the 109 doesn’t support bitsetting…?

Unbranded TYG02 is among the most reliable media around and burns very well in my 109. TY discs from SVP are 100% genuine.

I know what you mean there. I got ‘told off’ for recommending MAXELL002 (MIJ) to someone in the Bargain Basement, simply because they prefer TY and nothing else.

Sometimes it pays to look at other media (although not obvious crap that we’ve all been warned about!), you might find you’re pleasantly surprised (I learned this, anyway!). :slight_smile:

As of right now, these are still OUT OF STOCK at SVP.

i emailed steve about this last night

Hi, do you know when the Verbatim TYG02 DVD-R 8x http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=221
will be back in stock?
even a rough estimate would help

thanks :slight_smile:

We are hoping for stock in the next 10 days, but we can’t get a firm commitment from Verbatim at this time.

TTH02 MIT is too variable for my tastes, and from what I’ve seen the Luxembourg discs aren’t that much better. TTH02 MIJ is, bar none, the best 16x DVD-R media out there, but we’ll never see it outside of Japan :a

I think you just answered your own question. Would you recommend media you hadn’t tested yourself? No? I didn’t think so! :bigsmile:

I’m not that impressed with the TDK ScratchProof 8x (TTH01) media however, so I haven’t exactly been aching to try the TTH02 media.

I don’t know, maybe you’re right and I’ve been lucky. All my random scans from the three spindles I had (made in Luxembourg) gave similar results to he one herunder (notice the scanner used, and this is a 12X scan, so it’s really excellent).

You kinda got me here… :bigsmile: - but actually I was reacting to the “don’t bother with TDK media” input.:wink:

I’m not that impressed with the TDK ScratchProof 8x (TTH01) media however, so I haven’t exactly been aching to try the TTH02 media.
I’m, of course, not saying that ALL TDK media is excellent in all cases. :disagree: - just sharing my personal experience with TTG02 and TTH02 in the Pioneer 109. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile: I bought Taiyo Yudens and as far as I can tell theyre working perfectly. I would do a quality scan but nero speed doesnt seem to work with my pioneer drives.

PS they work perfectly on my ps2 aswell.