What dvd-r printable

Looking for a place to get good advice.I’m hoping this is it.
First I’m a photographer. I use a liteon dvd burner and Sony dvd-r disks. I burn wedding dvds and I’d like to print or light scribe on my dvds that I sell to customers. I used to have alot of problems with dvds not working until I started using the sony disks with accucore. Problem is I cannot find printable sony’s. I did a search and it seems they only sell them in the UK. Any information will help. I’d like to buy a dvd inkjet printer but do not want to have problems with my dvds playing in other players.

Taiyo Yuden Watershield Glossy DVD-R. Looks fantastic, is smudge and water resistant and if you don’t burn them too fast they will always work.

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Costco sells Sony DVD±R printable and you can pick up an Epson or HP direct to disc printable printer

Thanks for the replies. I’ll probably give Costco a shot. Also If someone can answer what is the thermal printing all about. I assume it has to do with dyesub or is it laser.