What DVD-R media is best?



I’m wondering what dvd-r media would be the best on the market right now. I have been burning Dvds for a while now and have bought over 200 blank dvd-r’s in the past sticking to the same brand Optodisc or “Optodisck001” :smiley: Gold Edition. I have been loyal to this brand due to reading that it was varry reliable and compatable because it use’s some sort of special japanies dye and that it had superior scrach protection.

The last batch I bought I’m sure had flaws. I bought them off ebay and upon looking at them they were flawed in the middle were the hole is it looks like some sort of discoloration or around the plastic transparent hole almost like they were missing glue in some places and every disc was different in this part of the dvd some had a larger discoloration than others and some were just fine and had none. They appeared to work fine at first using dvd-x-copy platinum v4.0.3.8 , but after I used a few of them I noticed after watching some of the movies I copyed that at the varry end of the movie it would totaly freez the frames would stop and then the dvd player would start trying to read the disc from what I can tell. I know it wasn’t the DVD-player because I have tried several different drives and players and the endings on a lot of movies I have burned do not work at all although, a few do.

I use a sony DRU-500A to burn my videos at 4x, I like DVD-R’s the best because they work great in my modded Xbox with upgraded samsung drive. I allready have bought a few Expensive TDK Armor plated DVD-r’s but they are quiet expensive and I cannot buy them in cheaper 50 disc spools. I’m looking for a good reliable disc dvd-r brand and were to buy it at the best price. Thank you for all your time and effort in helping a lost optical man who hasent purchased new blank media in a year. :sad:


Optodisc=quality? Whoever told you that was full of crap. Optodisc are one of many “hit and miss” manufacturers. Anyways, there is plenty of evidence to support Taiyo Yuden being among the most consistant for quality and durability. Which country are you located in.


He was prolly told by one of his “expert” friends. In this case all you had to do was take a look around the site and read all the threads that ask about what is the best media. Seems we answer this at least once a month cause people are too lazy to read or use the search function :slight_smile: Anything TY is a sure bet, genuine TY, from Rima. If you are in Europe, there is a great thread about where to get them, and if you are from the land down under, they also have a thread.



Optodisc = Marginal Crap Media at best-

For good -R medias - look at Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell brands and you won’t go wrong IMO-



For DVD-R media, I tend to use Taiyo Yuden and Maxell.

I must have got a decent Optodisc spindle, although it is +R :


I live in the USA Taiyo Yuden huh cool. As for Maxell hmmm not so sure about them the last batch of Maxell’s cd-rs I bought were crap. Thank all of you for your help, I hope I can buy them here in the states Taiyo Yuden that is.


TYG02 works fine with all my burners (see my sig). You can get TYG02 in bestbuy under Fujifilm Made in Japan. It was on sale last week, you missed it. Rima.com is another choice.



The absolute BEST vendor with assurance of getting only “A” Grade Taiyo Yuden is Rima at www.rima.com

See their consumer ratings on www.resellerratings.com - speaks volumns for their service and business practices-



Supermediastore also has a great deal going on the 4x ones.


Hey everyone! I am thinking about purchasing a used xbox and getting a mod chip for it. I am debating between SmartXX V2.0 ModChip and SpiderMod Chip. Which is better? Also, my dvd burner only burns dvd+r… is that ok? It is a 8x burner, should I slow it down as much as possible? Would dvd decryptor work to burn the xbox games cause thats what I use for my movies? Thanks!


i suugest to go with maxell(4X) MXL RG02, Verbatim (8x) MCC 02RG20 or even Sony(4X) SONY04D1. I tested it my self and quality of writing is really good :iagree: .


Well, I just ordered Fuji 8X 4.7GB DVD-R 25-Spindle Pack, Model 25302825, Retail, from newegg.com. I chose not to go with ritech or Ty’s because there surface is blank no lines to right a name on in organized place. I like my DVD’s to be well orginized and really like that these fuji’s have a place to right down what is on the disc, not just a metalic shinny top. I hope there fuji name and actually Ty’s then I could have the best of bolth worlds :stuck_out_tongue: thank all of you for your help.