What DVD-R do big companies use for movies?

Hi. 1. I want to know what DVD-R or DVD+R big companies that sell their films to big retailers use.

  1. Why is every DVDR that I buy purple coloured on the underside and every DVD movie I buy gold or silver on the underside?

  2. Why is every DVDR I buy have a clear see through inner centre and every DVD movie I buy has a reflective inner centre?

  3. Where can I buy DVD-R or DVD+R that have a gold/silver underside and a reflective silver inner centre rather than a clear one?

They don’t, they use pressed discs, it’s a very different process.

And it’s a very expensive process, you’ll have to use dye-based media with a shade of purple/blue/red.

So to be able to produce a dvd that is gold/silver underneath, rather than purple and has a reflective inner centre on the underside, I would need to set up a factory using pressed discs?

Would this cost me thousands or millions?

Please tell me there is a cheaper way, of just buying a DVD-R that has a gold/silver back rather than a purple one somewhere?

I think a cheap and nasty disk manufacuring company produced some silver bottomed DVD’s for awhile … but no-one bought them, because the companies products were crap, and likely to be unreadble immediately after burning, let alone a few months down the track.

It’s really only useful if you are doing something illegal & want to try to hide your handiwork.

If you want something funky, and it has to be DVD, try some of those credit card sized DVD’s … they hold about 1.5GB’s.

It would be very expensive, forget about it. And no you can’t buy silver burnable media, no such thing exists. Sorry but you’re going to have to accept dye-based media in a shade of purple. RW media is more of a blue shade, but not a whole lot different. You’re not going to be able to fool anyone with burned media into thinking it’s a pressed disc. :wink:

What about a double layer DVDR? Its silver on both sides?

Arr … is that the Riteks? Wouldn’t touch those with a 60ft pole :stuck_out_tongue:
They’re great, it you want to throw your money away … they last as long as it takes to rip the plastic off the case :stuck_out_tongue:
Once they’re inside your burner, you will find out why no-one uses them :stuck_out_tongue:

DL burnable media is the same as SL, purplish in color on the data side.

Care if I ask why you’re so insistent on finding dye-based media that’s silver on the data side (which doesn’t exist)?

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sorry to wake thus thread up again but I know a very good reason for wanting silver backed dvd-R
for some reason my laptop has stopped reading purple coloured / DVD-R discs.
silver CDs work fine. as do dvd-rw discs and i think also DVD.
this happened last year and i used a cd lens cleaner a few times and it (mostly) fixed it but the problem is back again and the cleaner is having no effect.
i cannot find any information online about this problem and what would be causing it.
I can only guess that different colours require different frequency laser light and something has gone wrong with that particle diode or circuit.

perhaps i should start a new thread for this?

It would be much cheaper to get a new drive. Just googling, getting pressed disks is about 1.50$ each if you get 500 of the same title copied (Cheaper the more you want). Even professional duplicators burn disks rather than press them if only small quantities are going to be done.
Unless I am mistaken, they use a single red frequency for all dvd disks. Have you tried reading a freshly burned disk (perhaps some of your older disks have degraded)?