What dvd+r 16x for the DVDR70?


this is my first post here.
I’ve recently purchased a box of Philips DVD+R 16x (Infome R30), and while they’re detected by the recorder, they won’t record at all and the disk will be made unusable (like it starts burning a couple of sec and then freezes).
I’ve been able to buy a cake box of 8x (Infome R20) that work like a breeze, but I’ll soon be short of them.
Is there a brand of current DVD+R 16x that will work with my DVDR70, or an unofficial firmware update, or will I just have to trash my recorder once my box of 8x is empty ? :frowning: :Z

I’m not aware of any unofficial firmware update, but this is a continuing problem for legacy DVD recorders. You should still be able to find 4x or 8x speed high quality +R discs, such as those having Taiyo Yuden dye ‘YUDEN000 T02’.

If it’s difficult to get hold of these then you may have to resort to buying some 1-4x +RW discs and making copies of these on your PC.

Thanks for the reply. I once got Taiyo Yuden 8x discs sold under the brand Emtec (a division of BASF) here in Europe, and they didn’t work too well.

I’ve just found these models are still available: DVD+R Intenso 8x and
DVD+R MediaRange 8x AZO. D’you know where I could get informations on the actual manufacturers and wether they’re compatible with the dvdr70 ?

Thanks in advance. :bow:

Those Emtec Yudens were fake i believe, using a T02 mid.