What DVD players work and which do not

How about coming up with a list of confirmed dvd players that work well with DVD2one and those that do not. I will start by contributing my Mintek DVD2110 as one that has played anything that I have tried. How about your experiences?

It’s not a matter which DVD player is comatible with DVD2one…but which players play DVD-R,DVD+R,DVD-RW and DVD-RW.

Compatibilty is based on media used and burning software used not on DVD2one.

WWW.DVDRHELP.COM has an extensive list

NYPlayer- Actually, you are half right- obviously the media will make a difference but there are many factors that will cause a particular piece of media to play well in one player and have problems in another. Just scanning the posts related to various results on different players (with appropriate media) shows that some players handle dvds created with DVD2One better than others. This is simply what I am asking and its not available on dvdrhelp.com.

How about keeping this forum DVD2one only?

If you want to discuss DVD-players, feel free to do so. But please do it in the apropriate forum of this place.
(yes there’s more then DVD2one in this forum :wink: )