What dvd player software do you use?



I recently got a dvd burner (and therefore a dvd drive for my computer), and I was wondering what dvd player you use to watch dvd’s. All I have is Winfast DVD which came with my LeadTek graphics card, but I’m not sure if its the best I can do. What do you all use?

And is image quality affected by the software which plays it, or is the image quality always the same, no matter what software you use to play it?


MPlayer. It’s the best, better than VLC. Get all the codecs and it will play everything.


Cyberlink PowerDVD 6


Generally powerdvd but also sometimes VLC.


Besides VLC, I’d recommend to have a look at Media Player Classic - that’s my favourite program for watching DVD and MPEG2. :slight_smile:





nVidia’s DVD player (came with videocard)
Nero dvd player (came with Nero)
Cyberlink PowerDVD (came with old videocard)
Media Player (came with Windows XP)


and where do you get a free (good) DVD playback codec from?


I use cyberlink power cinema and intervideo home theatre.



As far as I know, there isn’t any MPEG2 decoder available for free, due to licensing issues.
MPC has something like a decoder built-in, like VLC has also. So both can play DVD video without the need to install external decoders. But if there is a MPEG2 decoder already installed, you can configure MPC to use that.

P.S.: Media Player Classic (MPC) has nothing to do with Windows Media Player (WMP), although it looks like WMP 6.x :cool:


I often use Nero Showtime. The screenshot feature is useful, though maybe other players have tis as well.


I like PowerDVD 6 as well. Really don’t use anything else, though I do use VLC and Media Player Classic for local MPEG’s and AVI’s…


PowerDVD, if I choose to watch DVDs on my PC, which is once in a blue moon…