What DVD media for Liteon 832S?

I just recently purchsed the Liteon 832S and I would like to know what suggestion or experience do yo have in terms of what DVD media is best for this writer?
From what I gathered it seems it is better to get DVD+R for liteons?
How about DVD+RW? I haven’t heard much about which manufacturer/brand are the best.
Also where would be a good place to get relatively affordable media? Meritline?
Thanks for the help!

I wouldn’t recommend meritline… others have reported problems with that shop.

So you’re in the US… good…

For +RWs, I am currently using some cheap RiData +RW media from Amazon. I got a 25-pack for only $17.50. Works nicely.

For -R, the only type that I’ve tried is RitekG04. Works nicely… for me, at least. Can be burned at 8x with the proper strat tweaks.

For +R, I have personally had excellent results with PRODISCR02 ($0.60/ea from ACCA/Rima), RICOHJPNR01 (on last check, there was a sale of these RiData 4x +R at $40 for a 100-pack), RITEKR03 (also from Newegg), RITEKR01 (Newegg again), and YUDEN000T01 (also Newegg… the 50-pack of Samsungs).

Based on others results, it seems that any Prodisc +R will do. Any Ritek/RiData/Ricoh +R will do. Any TY +R will do. Any CMC +R will do. Hmm. I think that covers pretty much the mainstream +R market. Brand names like Fuji, TDK, Imation, and Memorex all use Ritek/Ricoh/Prodisc/CMC, which are all good. But brand names are expensive. Instead, get Prodiscs from ACCA/Rima or some other reliable dealer or RiDatas and the 50-pack Samsungs from Newegg. Or even the juicy new YUDEN000T02s from ACCA/Rima. Okay, I’ll stop rambling.

So as long as you avoid the known-crap +Rs, just about any +R that you get will work fine. Though a bit of OmniPatching might be helpful in a few cases.

Thanks for the info!
What about optodisc? I see alot of that around…are those any good?
I also heard that ritek which also common is not so great because it varies in quality?