What DVD drive to get

Looking into replacing an older dvd drive i got its wearing out and am looking at several but dont know which to choose. I am looking for something that will read and write , Super performance and can be firmware flashed to enhance features.

any good suggestions from here?



the main question is: what interface (Pata or Sata) is needed.
Pata drives are being phased out, so you have to go the Sata route if you want something better than average. Unfortunately, there are some Sata controller and motherboard chipsets that don’t support Sata optical drives very well.


OOPs ya might help if i specified that i am looking for a sata drive :doh:

[QUOTE=dante.xaiver;2563651]OOPs ya might help if i specified that i am looking for a sata drive :doh:[/QUOTE]

I would go for a Sony Optiarc AD-7260/AD-7261/AD-7263 (they are amongst the cheapest and yet amongst the best) … or a ‘true’ LiteON drive such as iHAS524 A or iHAS624 B (or one of their ASUS clones: DRW-24B1ST / DRW-24B1LT or DRW-24B3ST / DRW-24B3LT).

Sony Optiarc AD-7240/AD-7241/AD-7243 are also good drives … but the AD-726x drives are equally cheap and newer so I would buy one of those instead. Most other LiteON iHAS124/224/324/424 drive models currently on the market will most likely be Sony Optiarc AD-724x clones (based on a NEC chipset), rather than true LiteON drives (which use Mediatek chipsets).

The advantage of a true LiteOn drive (based on Mediatek chipsets) is that they are excellent burn quality scanners as well, so you could use them to check your CD/DVD burns as well as writing CDs & DVDs…

I would avoid Pioneer DVDRW drives (because they are QSI clones rather than true Pioneers), LG drives or (even worse) Samsung drives.