What DVD disc to buy

I am new to all this but have just done a presentation in Windows Movie Maker which contains stills, video, transitions and music now I would like to put it onto a DVD to show some people but don’t know which is the best DVD discs to purchase. I have seen on this website some comments about Memorex not being very good so I shall steer clear of those. Tahnks in advance.


Hi ladyrobin, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I suggest buying some Verbatim DVDs, which are among the best you can buy and also relatively easy to find in stores.

If you plan to buy your DVDs online, then Taiyo Yuden is also a very good choice, but you won’t find those in stores except under other brand names and you’ll have to be experienced to find them.

My third and fourth choices would be HP (DVD-R preferred over DVD+R) and Sony.

There’s a poll in our Blank Media forum that you can take a look at:

Which brands of DVD media are good for everyday use?

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Hey drageMester, Verbs for me as well…I do have a spool of HP’s that where a gift,I keep for emergency in case I run out of Verbs, but when I’ve used them they worked pretty good IMO!..

Verbs for me as well :iagree:

I have used sony to make back-ups of some movies, but found that the film played quite jumpy on my notebook… ironically playing on a Sony DVD drive :doh:
Never had a problem with Verbs.

Welcome from me too :flower:

Agree with Drage - but also, recently I’ve found Maxell branded 16x +Rs (media code RICOHJPN R03) to be excellent. I use them all the time for everyday use, no playback problems at all. Edit: but I wouldn’t trust that code under any other brand :wink:

But for important stuff, definitely Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden :iagree: