What DVD Burner?

Hey all, i just got both my Xbox and PS@ modded. Im looking to start making my own backups of the games. Can someone recomend the best dvd burning rom for that purpose and which media to purchase? Also if anyone knows a link to a thread on how to rip the games and then what to do to make the copy! thanks in advance.

PS: i was looking at the new plextor PX-708a…anyone know if thats any good?

Plex 8x is good.

Guides here. PSX on DVD is similar as long as they are DVD-5 and not protected with SecuROM. Try Alcohol 120%

thanks alot future, after i get the drive ill try it out =)

ok well i just bought the plex 8x dvd burner and i now i dont know what media to buy. Any suggestions? the burner can handle any format of disk, but i would liek whatever is best for burning xbox, PS2, and dvd movies. thanks again in advance

I’m not sure but the Plextor website lists recommended media or you can visit our Media Forum.

can u link the media forum plz. i cant seem to find it.

open www.plextor.com in a browser
hover over America and select North America
click products
click DVD±R/RW CD-R/RW Drives
click PX-708A
click Media and software compatibility
click PX-708A and PX-708UF Recommended CD-R/DVD±R/RW

Very comprehensive listing of media, enjoy!