What Dvd Burner

Hey guys could you please tell me a kick ass dvd burner to purchase that i will be satisfied with? I am currently on a Nec 1300 a and its acting up to the point where i have to uninstall and reinstall all my damn burning programs and aspi drivers in order to burn and im fed up with it , would like to know what to buy b4 i end up with more junk thanks. :confused:

Personally I would buy the Samsung SH182D or SH182M with Lighscribe, I have found this drive to be a very good reader and writer. Just my opinion. It also very reasonable if you are in the USA. 30.99USD @ Newegg.com.

You’ll get lots of suggestions, as everyone has their preference :slight_smile:

Personally, I like LiteOn drives (I own the 16x 165P6S, but there’s also the 18x and 20x drives out now), and the Samsung SH-S182D (18x).


Edit: Haha, I see Alan recommended the Samsung as well :clap:

I see from your “Burn Errorz” thread that you’re using Verbatim 16x - the Samsung will burn those real nice at 18x :wink:

thanx man i use maxell Dvd + Rs as well so the samsung will probably , and most likely my decision

Yeah, my Maxell +Rs (16x) burn really well on the Samsung. Depends on media code though, but the Samsung will burn them better than your NEC regardless because it’ll support the 16x discs better :smiley: