What DVD burner to buy?




I would like to know what dvd burner should I buy?

I want to be able to back-up DVD’s, PC games, and maybe some Karaoke CD+G

Are Plextors the only one that will burn 1:1 copies of PC games or are there any other burners that have these capabilities?




You are looking for what is referred to a 2-sheep burner. Even with a 2-sheep burner, for many things, you will need to run software to assist in making those copies (for personal use of games which you have purchased).
From my experience, those include (but are not limited to), Plextor PX716, some Toshiba’s, Lite-on, Pioneer, and certain NEC and BENQ drives. Best to read some of the reviews for specific drives you are interested in, and they will show how well the drive performed on the sheep test. In my own personal experience, it’s hard to beat the Plextor and the Pioneer. But I haven’t owned quite a few of the other drives. You can also look in the Copy Protection forum and get an idea of how others are doing.


anyone elses input would be appreciated


NEC drives are well known for great writing abilities but only average read performance. So if you are looking for one drive that can read AND write very well (particularly backing up game discs), the NEC line might be one to avoid. (See – I helped by shortening your list. :wink: )

If you do a search here on your subject, you’ll find quite a few helpful threads. This question gets asked so frequently that others are understandably reluctant to respond… again… and again…


This has been discussed many times here and there really is no one best drive. Nec, benq (except the dq60), newer liteon, lg, and a couple of others are all good drives, each with their strong and weak points. If I had to pick a drive that was the best overall, I would say that the latest benq’s are fighting for top position, but that changes from model to model, and even changes as new firmwares for drives are developed.
Any decent burner will back up dvd’s fine. As far as game backups, there are many diffrent copy protections often requiring specific software and proceedures for each. Any good drive will backup some games, but some copy protections need certain burners and as harley said, you want to look for a 2 sheep burner for that.
Look through the reviews here (there is a button at the top for them). many of the good drives have been reviewed here and the reviews usally identify which are 1 or two sheep burners (or are 0 sheep burners).