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Well it looks like the last of the Benq’s have disapeared from the uk, so the current Top Dog slot goes to the ‘LiteOn LH-20A1H’ (while arguably the Pioneers might provide a slightly better burn) :iagree:

…and maybe sum1 can say what the diff is between the 3 flavours of the ‘LiteOn LH-20A1H’ (apart from price):

Top Dog burner need Top Dog Media so:
10pc Verbatim DVD+R 16x Lightscribe media (MCC 004)
1pc Verbatim 8.5Gb Double Layer +R x2.4 (MKM 001)

Guru’s feel free to confirm or deny this!!! :bow:


Courtesy of ‘[B]Adrift02[/B]’:

[B]Verbatim dvd+r 16x lightscribe[/B] - 30 pack from BestBuy
[B]MCC 004[/B] (hub code is weird, text is printed backwards…need a mirror? lol)
Great media for me though.

Although people say the Pioneers offer a slightly better burn than the LiteOn…I havent seen any Pioneer scans to beat this?(Jitter free 1’s anyways) :a


Well you’ve got OEM Black, OEM Beige or Retail with black/beige/silver bezels.


Thats kinda what I thought, oh and the ability to make kareoke CD’s with the Retail version lol …find it hard to believe thats down to the hardware, surely it must be a firmware thing?

Aside from that do you think(apart from the label) there is any hardware difference between OEM and Retail


So there is no-one among you who can point to a scan of a Pioneer burn that beats the above? :slight_smile:


some walmarts still carry lite-on 160P6S burners, I have 3, been real workhorses for me, my original has burned just over 500 burns and is still going strong

check out these scans
post #5


Yes. :slight_smile: And its a full disc. :iagree:


Thanks for the response Dee,
Bearing in mind that Im new to this scene…so Im not exactly experienced in burning issues…but

I agree your scan is a full disk, and the part of the disk thats mssing in my scan is prone to a higher number of errors…but also I didnt see any Jitter readings on your scans?..
Is there a reason why you use this ‘scan output format’ over the other type which show Jitter data?

And to cut to the chase…if you could only buy one drive for mainly backing up data on SL & DL; including the odd rip…which would you choose : ‘Pioneer 112’ or ‘LiteOn LH-20A1’…feel free to choose a different model number or comppletley different drive for that matter

As far as I can tell from trawling through the scans there is not a great difference between the Pio’s and the Litey’s in terms of burning(I may be wrong)


Hey ‘beachbumm’ I just noticed your scan…thats really nice…Im now seriously considering the ‘SHW-160P6S’ as Im more concerned with quality burns than speed anyday


Here’s just one of several. Full disc, too, unlike the one you posted.


its got the jitters though


Yeah, that was my fault. I was into my second double espresso during the burn.


Cant seem to find the ‘SHW-160P6S’ in the UK anywhere, except for a refurbished with a 3 month warranty for $60

Looks like Im going to have to go with the ‘LiteOn LH-20A1H’


IIRC, you must scan @ 4x with the newer Lite-Ons to get a jitter reading. :slight_smile: 8x scans = no jitter :stuck_out_tongue:

Pioneer 111L @ 8x

Another Pio scan


Still a very good choice IMO :wink:

Hahaha :wink:


@TUK…I definately had to look around the local walmarts here in my area(US) to find my 160P6S burners. The newer light ons are definately good burners too. But I agree with you, I want the best quality possible, not all that interested in speed.


People need to pick a pair. Need a good reader/writer/scanner. 2 drives are better than 1 at this. There’s no one reader/writer combo out right now that does both well with the drives i have including LH series LO’s. Maybe a BenQ if you can find one.


@rolling56…Sorry I wasnt all that clear, I was meaning I’m not that interested in fast burning, sorry bout that…
I agree with pairing, my litey is paired with a hp 940i crossflashed to a litey LH-18A1H
I do all of my reading in that drive, works great!


I didn’t say anything about speed. Newer burners have speed though.

I burn TY02’s at 8X mainly. I just use high speed discs for testing out my new burners. I have lots of 16X media for that.


:doh: lol, my bad, I misunderstood you