What DVD Burner for Satellite A215-S4747

Good night to all, my problem is, that i need to buy a new optical drive for my Toshiba Satellite s4747 ( Never found this model on the Product ComboBox) , but i dont know, what kind of burner should i buy, Im not that good in laptops, so thats why im confused… does laptops from different brands, use different technologies in optical drives, or its standard… and if they use different techs, what kind of DVD-RW should i buy ?.. i was planning on buying a Toshiba TS-2348A ( was the first one compatible i found ) , and there’s this one Pioneer DVR-K17LF, but i dont seem to find it on ebay or amazon… so… i would REALLY REALLY… appreciate any explanation or advice ( and if u can tell me a Model and a website to buy it, it’d be terrific =D )

Thanks in advance… :bigsmile:

Your problem to replace the DVD device on the Satellite A215-S4757 laptop is very similar to mine. If you get a helpful reply, could you forward it to my request? It is listed as " find DVR-K17LF
sellersc " Thank you.

Check out these links at Newegg.com:






Hope This Helps, And Welcome To The Fourm!

Thanks for the newegg link. It seems Pioneer doesn’t make DVRs anymore. Newegg gave me a link to manufacturers. Of course Pioneer had nothing for the DVR-K17LF. Toshiba has a number for support, 800-457-7777, but so far it seems all they can do is tell you send it in and they’ll fix it. Can’t we simply purchase a new dvr hardware and replace it ourselves? It wasn’t difficult to remove from the laptop, all we need is a brand and model of what can replace the dvr in the Satellite A215-4757 laptop.

Take a close look at the first link I gave you will see the newest model that you can replace your old drive with. Model numbers change and well as upgrade so finding you old one will be second to none. Also you can choose a different drive from other brand names as well. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but, Good luck.