What DVD burner for Athlon T-Bird 750 computer?

I have a computer going on 5 years old now with:

  • AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 750 MHz processor
  • ABIT motherboard with VIA chipset and Highpoint RAID
  • reasonably fast Seagate 40 GB C: and dual 80 GB d: (mirrored) - probably 3 years old
  • 512 MB CL2 RAM (either PC100 or PC133- don’t remember)
  • Windows 2000 install that’s as old as the computer and working great

I need a drive to (in order of importance):
a) Burn DL DVDs for backups of pictures and video
b) Rip CDs reasonably fast with full paranoia (slow) using CDex/cdparanoia/EAC/etc.
c) Burn data CDs

It doesn’t need to burn them that quickly, but it has to be able to not make coasters. I can manually turn down the burning speed if I need to.

So, my question is- pretty much all of the drives I’ve read reviews of say they require a P4 1.3 GHz or higher CPU. I assume that’s to burn at full speed, and I could get away with something slower if I burn at a lower rate. My disks stream pretty fast, so I don’t see an issue with them.

Will most of the newer drives WORK on my PC, just not at full speed?

I’m a techie, but I’ve been spending money on things like cars and saving the rest, so I haven’t upgraded this machine, because it works fine for what I use it for (mostly the web and photo editing). I can handle technical hurdles as long as the hardware itself will work.

Welcome to CDF, nstenz!

I’d say you’ll be fine with the current drives (there’s always a small chance of compatibility/performance issues on the IDE interface with the VIA chipset, but you can’t foresee that). That P4 requirement is for DVD & AVI playback, not for burning.

As for the best audio-ripper, I’ll leave that to someone else to recommend if they want to.

P.S. DL with its technical complexity isn’t the format of choice for backups.

I think this one will work http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827131031

The main issue seams to be, most of the others require Windows XP or 2000. This one will go all the way back to 98. There is a review by someone using an old 700 mhz system.

Well, that’s my exact motherboard with slightly less RAM in it. Unfortunately, I’m staying away from Sony.

So far, I’ve looked at Lite-On, LG, NEC, Pioneer, and Plextor. If my CPU speed won’t really affect things, I’ll probably go with one of them. There are a lot of helpful reviews here that narrowed it down a bit.

I’m not worried about software support. Pretty much everything written for XP runs fine on 2000. The driver model is the same.

I know CD/DVD backups aren’t the greatest solution (and at work, I recommend our customers stay away from them), but this will work for me temporarily. I’m planning to spend less than $50 on a drive, pick up some media, and save everything important to disc so I can make sure my RAID array is still functioning properly without risking losing important data.

I am fairly certain that “sony” is a rebadged LiteOn. Sony does not make its own drives anymore.

No, The new sony’s are based on a Benq platform.

:cool: :cool:

So, thats what the Q in the model name is, thanks for clearing that up.

Although your system is way outdated but any 16X16 burner will do the job.

I have run an LG gsa h10n combo drive on a PIII 800 w/Win98, 256mb ram, only thing was to watch a dvd I had to have a 16mb AGP video, worked good, no hitches or anything.