What DVD burner drive is best for ripping?



Well, it looks like I’m going to RMA the LG H42 18X DVD burners I got from Newegg about a week ago. It takes these drives on average 25 to 28 minutes to rip a 6 to 7 GB DVD video. The drives just can’t rip faster than about 4.6X. Plus, they aren’t backward compatible with the hundreds of Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R media I have stockpiled. I could have lived with the latter, but not the former. If I buy a 6 DVD set, I want to be able to archive it to my PC in about an hour, not 3 hours.

So, I’m back to square one. I’m looking for a DVD burner that:

  1. rips DVD’s very fast (50% weight)

  2. has a high MTBF (mean time between failure) (25% weight)

  3. is fairly quiet (25% weight)

From your experience, can you recommend any specific model of drive? I would prefer not to have to keep testing them, and then paying return shipping and restocking fees over and over, until I find something acceptable. I just can’t seem to find a good review showing ripping time comparison on the modern burner drives. Thanks!


Ok, 8 hours went by and no responses. So I’ll offer my opinions.

You are asking for the near impossible. DVD Burners are optimized for the burning process, not ripping fast. And you are wearing out your burner faster by using it to rip also. And BTW if your drive is not compatible with Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R media then the firmware is in dire need of an upgrade because those Verb DL media have been on the market for a long time. You might consider choosing a 16X speed burner because I have read postings about people having some problems with the new higher speed burners and that maybe the firmware write-strategies of fast drives don’t do well at slower burn speeds. Burning the newer 8x DL Verbs at a safe 4x speed delivers a finished burn in about 18 minutes. Your stash of 2.5x DL media should not be burned at faster than 2.5x, in my opinion. No need for an 18x burner. I swear that half the people who scream the need for more speed are really motivated by the need to get their movies back to the PO so NF will send them out the next movie in their queue faster!! :bigsmile: God(!), I can remember when all DVD burning was at 1x! … Or maybe the LG drive really [I]was[/I] defective.

Fast rips are obtained by using a DVD-ROM ripper. In other words, your best results are obtained by having both types of drives in your system. BTW, unless all the originals in your collection are pristine and absolutely scratch and scuff free, fast ripping is not always possible … you will get errors due to the surface imperfections on the original. Then you will need to put that flawed original into your slower burner anyway, to get a cleaner rip.

I like the BenQ 1655 burner but am unsure about availability … do a web-search and see who is still selling it (real easy booktyping utility included)

I like the LiteOn 16x DVD-ROM ripper. Seems to have pretty good fault tolerance for surface flaws.