What dual layer drive to buy?

I returned a sony dw d22a dual layer burner because it would only read a couple of my store bought dvd movies. For some reason though it read my dvd-r and dvd+r disks and cd-rs fine. I installed the dvd decoder that came with my videocard also. No luck there, so anways i got the credit back and what is the best retail dual layer burner for under 75 dollars? THe sony one i had was oem and It had no driver support or anything from sony, so I want to purchase a retail drive this time. THanks for your help!

Have a look in here

Does it have to be DL? What DL media do you have?

Well I wanted to try and burn some dual layer disks and back up some large movies without having to compress the video quality too much. I just figured a dual layer was better purchase. But I really have only have like 70 dollars to spend on a drive. I never have bought any DL disks, so I have no preference, I just want input on what I should go with. Thank you!