What drives do I need to copy DVDs?

I’m looking to get a DVD burner, but I’m not sure what drives I need. If I want to copy a DVD, I obviously need a DVD writer, but do I also need a DVD-rom drive, or can a normal CD burner read a DVD for copying purposes?

you need either a dvd-rom drive or you can use the dvd burner to read the dvd since you normally have to download the dvd to your hardrive

The exception is if you use AnyDVD to seamlessly remove the CSS protection from a commercial DVD. Then you could do an on-the-fly copy from a DVD-ROM drive to a DVD writer. Otherwise, you will need to copy the original to your hard drive to rip the protection and a DVD-ROM will not be of much benefit.

Cool, thanks for the info…I’ll be using DVD X-Copy Platinum, so hopefully that will do the trick. BTW, how much space does a typical commercial DVD take up on a hard drive?

Up to 9.4 GB; in my experience, main movie discs are generally in the 5-7 GB range and extras discs are either single layer (4.7 or under) or just over that.

the largest dual-layered dvds take up to 7.91gb.

Wow…thank god HD space is cheap :wink: Sounds like it could be a lengthy process copying to the HD…maybe not…I’ll be getting a new PC with a 16X DVD-rom and an 8X DVD+RW drive