What drive to test with



Which drive and firmware should I use for the most consistent tests?
166s or 401s or 811s ? :confused: :confused: :confused:


401 or 811… Not much of a difference.


… in any case you should take a burner, cause the results of 166 are faulty. I take my 401@811
. . and it works so far. I’m happy to compare the results with PlexTools, sometimes a big difference but not always :rolleyes:


Been using the 811s. I was getting scans all over the board till I flashed to beta5. Very nice at 8x with the RICOHJPNR01 disks.


I also use the 811S for scanning and the 2500A for burning. But my 811S has a strange read issue which i cannot fix and therefor my scans are nothing but useless…
I would buy a newer drive like the 812S or 832S for scanning because most people say the 811S is a bad drive in general (and i have to admit it is…).


Yeah, from what I heard, 812S or 832S are pretty good for PI/PIF error scanning.


I’ve been using the 811s with the HSOQ firmware. Since flashing the NEC with liggys flasher and the beta5 firmware reads have been very consistant, I think the 811s if fine for reading atleast!


What about Toshiba SD-M1802?