What drive to remove

Just ordered a new DVD-RW drive. I already have a CD-RW and a DVD drive and their is no more room to put another drive in so I have to take one out. What drive will I remove?

Also I am thinking of getting an external case (at a later date) to re-connect this removed drive, would their be any point in doing this?


You have made no mention of the models of the drives so it is difficult to make an informed decision; given that, the CD-RW is redundant as the DVD-RW will write to CDs. A lot of people keep the DVD ROM to rip and read.

An external case can be fun, but until you have a real need for the missing drive you really only need the new one. Save the $30; if you really get into this hobby you will need it.

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It depends which DVD-writer you bought and which CD-writer you have.

If your new DVD-writer can’t copy SD>2.51 games and your CD-writer can and you copy alot, you could through out your DVD-ROM drive instead.

Than you for replies and I agree the first post was brilliant (i thought that even before scrolling down). I never even thought of posting the drive types…I have bought a ‘NEC 3520A DVD RW’ and already installed in the PC is a ‘LG CD-RW’ and a ‘PIONEER DVD-ROM’. Your post (Chas0039) mentioned the norm is to remove the CD-RW drive, I take it by that the DVD-RW can read CD’s then, i.e to load games etc? I will take your advice on the external case as well :iagree:

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Thanks for the kudos. You are right, actually your 3520 (great choice) can read and write CDs as well as DVDs so you really don’t need any other drive. Next on the list is the DVD-ROM that will read CDs and DVDs. Good for ripping and the occasional backup that “requires” a reader only. As Namoh mentioned, if you do backups of some tricky games, a dedicated CD burner that works with copy software can be essential. In this case, lose the DVD-ROM.

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Thank you Chas0039 for all your help. I will keep the dvd reader in for now and see how it copes. I am only really intending copying movies for now so I hope it can deal with that. My new drive arrived today :cool: so i am now full of knowledge and ready to burn. Shame i dont have any blank dvd disks though, what a letdown! Thanks again :smiley: