What drive to buy?

Hi all, I’m a new user and I would like to know which dvd-rw (internal drive) is better.Here in Fortaleza, Brazil, we have Samsung SH-S223C BOX, Sony AD-5240S and some LG’s.In other cities we can find Sony AD-7240S and LiteOn iHAS124, too. What do you think about ? Thanks for help.

Hi and Welcome!

I’d personally go for AD-5240 or 7240. These drives are basically the same, the 7240 supports DVD-RAM, the 5240 does not.

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I’m sorry for the wrong topic. Thanks for your answer. I would like to know if AD-7240S-0B has LightScribe / LabelFlash. Thanks very much.

AD-7240S has no Lightscribe/Labelflash, but 7241S has Lightscribe, and 7243S has Labelflash :wink:

Thanks man, last question! :slight_smile:

The technology Lightscribe/Labelflash decreases life drive ?

Thanks all for attention

[QUOTE=Valerious;2491699]The technology Lightscribe/Labelflash decreases life drive ?[/QUOTE] When burning a label using LightScribe/Labelflash, the laser and general mechanics of the drive is used, so it counts as wear and tear on the drive.

Since burning a label can take more time than burning data, it’s possible that it also decreases life more than simply burning data.

I don’t think anyone has actually made any serious tests to see exactly how much such use impacts drive life, however.

Thanks very much (all answers). I will buy AD-7240 :slight_smile: