What drive should I get to compliment these?

currently own,

LG 4167b
Liteon 20A1S (sata version of the ‘P’)

I burn occasional cd-r, alot of dvd-r/+r (verbatim media) and a few dual layer.

Should I get another drive to compliment either of these? Can be IDE or S-ATA, but I’ll be after just a solid drive that produces excellent burns. I don’t go for 20x speed burns (I got the liteon as a scanner/reader) but wouldn’t mind a good reader/burner drive.

Any suggestions?

If you’ve got the spare cash, get a Plextor PX-760 before everyone’s out of stock. It’s a great scanner, reader, and burner. If you’ve ever had an urge to give Plextor a shot, now’s your chance, because they’ve stopped producing their own drives, opting to rebadge others’ drives instead (re: PX-800=NEC). The PX-760 is the last opportunity to get a real Plextor. If scanning is a hobby of yours, you can scan for POE/POF and beta in addition to PI/PIF and jitter. AutoStrategy and PoweRec are valuable features as well.

edit: It comes in both SATA (PX-760SA) and E-IDE (PX-760A).