What drive is this?



Sony DWU-10AX DVD +RW (x2.4) +R (x4) -R (x4) -RW (x2) CDR(x24) CDRW (x10) CDRead x32 DVD x8 OEM

What drive is this ? is it supposed to be 510ax?

Good price on www.scan.co.uk/products/dvd.htm £180.95 inc



The DW-U10A is the OEM version of the DRU500A.


What are the diffrences?




One comes with the box, the other doesn’t.


I do belive at 189 ill have one :slight_smile:




What about that new pioneer on www.Scan.co.uk/todayonly the DVR106 dual format, has anyone seen any info or reviews about it.


Sony OEM (eg DWU 10A/DWU 12A):

  • no official firmware upgrades
  • no fancy traydesign
  • internal hardware identical to the retail drive

However, there are unofficial firmwares to transfer the OEM to the retail version. That doesn’t change the tray though :stuck_out_tongue:


Pioneer 106 I didnt think that was out yet might get on of them then :slight_smile: what everyone think?